How A Spiritual Three-Wheeler Delivered Us From The Storm

by Kevin on March 29, 2011

I thought it was a great idea to put our house down the road from the main ranch house out on the family place. We could make it exactly how we wanted it and the plans were bold. All the plans that we made never took into account the dirt road that we had to travel to get to our house. We only get about ten inches of rain per year and I remember the night it happened.

Our truck was hopelessly stuck (in the driveway) and the school bus my wife drove to pick up all the kids was at the main ranch house. That road was good and caliche-fied. We had already figured out that our road was slicker than a steerin’ wheel covered in a snot sneeze so we had parked the bus over there the night before.

It was about time to trudge the family about a quarter of a mile through the mud and rain at 5:15 in the morning to get to the school bus. (And no, that isn’t just a metaphor to tell the young-ins how bad we had it.) But instead of walking, I covered everyone with a trash bag and piled four of us on a three-wheeler.

My wife sat behind me and each kid hunkered down on a fender. We slung mud from Coyanosa to Kiowa and fish-tailed all the way to the bus. The kids whooped and hollered and thought it was the best way to start out a morning ever. My wife buried her head in my back and just knew that she was going to have mud for mascara.

When we got to the bus, Griffin said that we had to go back for some homework he’d forgot, but I told him, “Nice try!”

The storms and rains of life are gonna come. There’s no magical barrier, no fancy prayer, and no coupon that will save you from these tryin’ times. There is however a spiritual three-wheeler that will get you through just fine and if you are clothed in faith, you can just smile and “Dalé Gas”.

This three wheeler is led by God and powered by Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There is no mud, obstacle, or deep hole that these three can’t get you through. You have a choice to make, you can get on with God or wade through on your own.

Remember…your children are watching.

2 Corinthians 1:9

We sure enough felt like the black bag of the Hangman had been placed over our head. But this happened so that we could learn to rely on God, who has ripped the bag off our heads forever. —Simplified Cowboy Version

What lesson have you learned from the storms of life?

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  • I’ve learned no matter how muddy it gets, I always make it to the bus. He is faithful.

  • Awesome story! Now I just need to remember that I don’t even need to drive the three wheeler, just hang on for the ride. 🙂

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