How to handle your day when all seems lost.

by Kevin on September 14, 2010

Cattle were going everywhere!!! Pushin’ these livin’ and breathin’ hamburgers was like tryin’ to coax water uphill. When I had come over the little hill, they were bunched up and peaceful. Then, like a water balloon dropped from an airplane, they exploded in a thousand directions. When I figured all of them would be lost, that’s when I saw my partner ride over the hill.

There was only four cowboys that had to gather about 10 square miles of hilly, West Texas pasture that day. This put all of us to coverin’ a bunch of country by ourselves. Most of the time, we couldn’t see each other because of the rollin’ hills and high brush. But this group of cowboys was good and we knew that we wouldn’t miss anything.

I rode for a long time at a long trot without seeing anything. I was flankin’ the outside rider and I could see a few head that he was throwin’ to the inside. I began to wonder if I would come across any cattle at all when I topped a small hill and there below me was most of the cattle in that pasture.

As if they were all controlled by one brain, the cattle looked up and huddled together. Like a football team, they called their play and I could have sworn I heard them clap their hooves and yell “Break”. The entire herd scattered in every direction possible. I saw three of them climb up in a tree and drape a camouflaged tarp over the top of themselves.

Thanks to Rockin' K Bar Photography

I ran my poor horse three ways to Sunday tryin’ to keep them all together. We were both huffin’ and puffin’ from stoppin’ one exit maneuver after another. The only direction they weren’t trying to go was the direction I wanted them to. When I was at a dead run tryin’ to stop a street gang of youngsters from stampedin’ north, I watched the older cows make a b-line south. Their play had worked magically.

I shook my head and felt failure loomin’ large right in front of my eyes. I watched in horror and dread as they ran to the top of their “getaway” hill — and then they all stopped and turned around.

Was this a miracle? Did the hand of God reach out and turn this herd? Did the Holy Spirit send me an angel of a cow dog to help in my fight? No, he had sent Titus.

Well, his name really wasn’t Titus, but it helps to understand the story. Titus had seen the dust and had loped over to see if I needed help. His arrival was just in the nick of time. With both of us now on the flanks of this ornery herd of T-bones, we finally got them moving in the right direction in orderly fashion.

2 Corinthians 7:5-6

We faced conflict from every direction, with battles on the outside and fear on the inside. 6 But God, who encourages those who are discouraged, encouraged us by the arrival of Titus.

When it seems like all will be lost and the day ruined, all you have to do is keep prayin’ to God that he will send you a Titus. When we keep our eyes on the Lord, he will not let anything happen that you can’t handle or accept.

God sends us help, not to make things easier on us, but right when we need it. This help might come from a cowboy, a phone call, or maybe just the best gift of all, peace of mind for the situation.

But don’t forget, sometimes you might see the dust flyin’ around a friend you know. Go check on them. Maybe your job today is to be someone’s Titus. Ride over there and check on them. They might just be askin’ God to send them an angel — and he might send you.

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  • Much of my life revolves around me making a transition in ministry. We finished up our responsibilities with our church about four weeks ago and we are praying about the future. During this time we know that finances will be tight. One of my close friends has called me at least once a week over the past four weeks to go have lunch at his expense. At a time when I need companionship he has created a way for me to have it. It is worth more than the few dollars that he has paid for a handful of lunches. The value is indeed more than I will ever be able to repay.

    • Kevin

      I am glad you have a Titus that comes in and helps. He probably doesn’t think that way, but those kind of guys really are angels. I am prayin’ and have been prayin’ for what God has planned for you. Keep me posted.

    • And Kevin isn’t the only one praying for ya!

  • We were at a low point at my last church. It seemed like I was a “one-man-show” trying do the work of the church. Then the Lord sent a Titus (his name was Barry). The first day he visited our church he said the Lord impressed on him (about me), “That fella needs some help!” And help he did. What an encouragement to an overwhelmed pastor! I thank God for the Tituses (and Barrys) in this world. They are truly gifts from a loving God.

    • Kevin

      I have had a few of those in my church. Just went you think you can’t take it anymore, they come in and lend a hand. Thanks to all who have been this kind of Titus for your church and your pastors.

      • Shawn

        Blessing to all the Titus (or Barrys) that answer that call. So often they are the people behind the lights and action. Doing the things most people dont want to, and the ones i know do it with amazing greatness… Blessings

  • For myself it’s always a question of remembering to ACCEPT help. I’m almost always the last person to realize that I’m in over my head. Thankfully my Titus is persistent and observant otherwise I’d spend most of my time just treading water and never getting anywhere.

    • Kevin

      For myself it’s always a question of remembering to ACCEPT help.” You are a cowboy in the city Seiji–no doubt.

  • Tammie Schmidt

    Ready and willing to be a Titus for those in need. And Jesus, if it’s in your will please send one for me. : )

  • Another great post as only you can do it, Kevin, with your wonderful cowboy stories. One of the things I liked best about this analogy was that we need to check in with God to find out if we are being called as someone’s Titus. It isn’t just about us receiving help from God, but also being available to give help.


    • Kevin

      And that point right there Janis is where we get the biggest blessing.

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