How to keep all hell from breakin’ loose.

by Kevin on September 13, 2010

I heard a story a couple of years ago about a guy that was hunting bears in Canada. Without seeing anything for a long time, he finally decided to climb down out of his tree stand. The climb down the ladder wasn’t very far so he gathered all of his things in his pack and dropped it to the ground. That’s when the proverbial statement of long past rang true–that’s when all hell broke loose.Bear Cub In Tree

While gathering his stuff, the hunter didn’t notice the momma bear and her two cubs that had walked right below his tree stand. When he dropped his pack, it landed right on top of one of the bear cubs.

Both bear cubs thought they were under attack and climbed the tree that wasn’t three feet beside the hunter. They climbed up and stopped level with his tree stand platform where he was standing. At this point they commenced to hollerin’ the Apache death chant and their momma was none too happy.

Momma bear then climbed the hunter’s tree to try to kill that which she believed was the source of her cub’s agony. The only thing separating hunter from hell-momma was a two by two expanded metal platform.

Our hunter tried to scare the protective mother off by poking her in the eyes with the barrel of his gun, but this just made her more mad. As she growled in pain, the cubs doubled their death chant to his left. He knew that as long as those cubs were there, momma wasn’t going anywhere–so he decided to try to knock them off the tree.

With several whacks from his rifle butt, he dislodged one the young cubs and it fell to the ground. The other cub didn’t want to endure the same fall and climbed down. Momma thought it was more important to check on her cubs than to get poked in the eyes. She climbed down, but wouldn’t leave the bottom of the tree.

This went on until dark. From a distance, the hunter heard the sound of an ATV coming to pick him up. The bear heard it too and moved just out of sight into the brush. When the vehicle pulled up, it was the fifteen year old son of the ranch owner.

The hunter yelled for him to watch out and briefly explained the situation. The nervous cowboy started looking around and suddenly, out of the brush, the bear attacked. It came straight at the lights on the four-wheeler and the youngster put the machine in reverse and backed away, having no other place to go.

The boy yelled, “Shoot her!!!” as he drove around in circles going backward. He kept the bear in the headlights as they seemed to blind her and keep her from getting him. “Shoot her, shoot her, shoot her!!!!” he yelled over and over. The fading light and movement of the bear kept the hunter from getting her in his scope.

Finally, he fired off a shot and the bear ran back into the bushes. They could still hear her growling. The boy continued to tell the hunter to shoot her. The hunter said, “It’s against the law to shoot a momma bear that has cubs.” The boy, despite his fear and his age, calmly said, “Sir, if you don’t shoot her, we’re both going to die out here.”

The boy was able to turn the lights just enough that the hunter was able to get a shot. His bullet flew true and he felled her with one shot.

This is the way that we get caught up in sin. An innocent act suddenly turns bad. But instead of dealing with that sin right there when it climbs your tree, we try to keep it alive without hurting it.

This is how affairs start, wagons are fell off of, rumors get started, and lies have to be covered up. Even if we make a small mistake, we can’t let that sin survive to hurt us or others–and it will.

As soon as it rears it’s head and growls, we must put a bullet in it. Sometimes this bullet will cause you a lot of problems, but in the end, it’s better to deal with it from the very start. It is just foolishness to let that sin survive in our lives. It doesn’t give up and go away. Only by giving it over to God and following the path that Jesus set for us will we be able to survive the encounter.

Proverbs 17:12

It is safer to meet a bear robbed of her cubs
than to confront a fool caught in foolishness.

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  • Best to deal with sin when it first appears, nip it in the bud. The damage we bring to ourselves and others when we let sin hang around can be devastating. Thanks for your insight on this Kevin.

    • Kevin

      Many times people don’t deal with it right away because of shame or embarrassment, but they (including me) don’t realize how big and how devastating it can be, not just on themselves, but those around them.

  • Far too often men/women underestimate the lethal approach of sin. Just like in the story, the longer we wait the more difficult it becomes to protect ourselves.

    • Kevin

      You are sure right Larry. So called “phases” turn into failures and what seem to be simple mistakes often turn into monsters that devour us.

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