How to Keep Your Word (Even if You’d Rather Be Horseback)

by Kevin on March 22, 2012

I woke up at 4:00 a.m. this morning ready to brand calves on the T.O. Ranch outside Raton, NM. I slipped my boots on and the familiar jingle of spur rowels echoed through the house. Ain’t no better way to start a morning than a cup of coffee in your hand and a dog lookin’ at you, knowin’ you’re going somewhere. There’s only one problem…I’m not going anywhere.

Originally we were supposed to brand yesterday and I would have been there, but old momma nature had something to say about it. I was disappointed that it was postponed, but it worked out because I made a deal with my daughter to take her to the Denver Zoo today. I figured I’d get the call next week that the brandin’ had been rescheduled…that’s what I get for figurin’.

I got the call yesterday that they were branding today…

I could have told Reilly that I would take her to the zoo on Friday or Saturday. She probably wouldn’t have said much about it, but how can I expect her to grow up and keep her word if I don’t keep mine?

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep your word when you tell someone you’re going to do something. Especially when you really, really, really, really, want to go do something  else. We live in a society where excuses have taken the place integrity.

If you will keep your word, you will learn two things very quickly:

1. It’s double tough to do all the things you say you’re going to.

2. Quit runnin’ your mouth so much about doing stuff.

There’s good news though!! When you keep your word, God will bless it. When he tells us to do something and we do it, it don’t ever come back void.

“Moses called in all the head honchos of the tribes of Israel and told ‘em, “This is what the Lord told me to tell y’all. If a cowboy makes a promise, he better keep it…especially if it’s to the Lord. Numbers 30:1-2

I want to say thanks to Kenny McMurtrey for the invite and I hope to get back down there real soon.


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  • Seiji

    Tougn place man. For me it’s always a struggle with people inviting me to do things last minute and having to always tell them “no” because I promised I would spend day with family or soothing like what you talk about here. Not that none would really mind if I made the change but it sure would hurt ppl if I left them for a last. Minute thrill. Good to know I’m not the only one with this problem.

    • Kevin

      We had a great time today and I saw a monkey with a cowboy mustache!!

  • On the plus side, the Denver Zoo is pretty cool to go to, especially when it is a liitle cool outside. We went at Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and all the animals were outside. Don’t see that too much with the heat in Houston.

    • Kevin

      We went to the OK City zoo years ago and I think I remember the cement melting.

  • This is wonderful. Thank you for posting it. You are absolutely right about people making excuses. As parents, we need to remember that our word means so much more to our kids than we sometimes remember. You’re a good man.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Alisa!! I’ve read how your cowboy treats your son so well. Tell him thanks from another cowboy.

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