How You Too Can Have Cowboy Confidence In 4 Easy Steps

by Kevin on April 20, 2010

By Chris & Lara Pawluk - Rights Reserved

One of the wildest rodeo events you will ever see is a wild mare race. For those who have never seen a wild mare race, here’s how it goes. You put an un-broke horse (usually 2-3 years old) in a chute with a halter on. When the gun goes off, you have a lead rope that’s attached to the halter and they let this horse go. You have to hold the wild horse still while a saddle is put on. This is usually the horse’s first saddlin’. Then a rider climbs on and the horse is turned loose. Depending on the rules, the rider might have to stay on a certain length of time or may have to try to ride the horse to a designated spot and unsaddle the horse and take the saddle to the judge.

I have only won one wild mare race and that was with my Dad and brother. Dad did the holdin’. Jason did the mugging and I did the riding. I was very confident that we could win this race because very few, if any, of the other cowboys had even been in a race. Our little trio had done several and had worked together enough that we didn’t get in each other’s way.

This horse went crazy and threw Jason around like a yo-yo. He got her mugged pretty quickly though and in no time at all I was in the saddle. Jason and Dad let go of her and I expected a pitchin’ fit from the netherworlds, but she just stood there. I had been breakin’ a lot of horses at the time and I was very confident in my bronc riding ability so I just poured the forks to her. I prayed the entire Lord’s Prayer three times before that first jump finally came back to earth.

Without having Cowboy Confidence in myself and my team, we would have never got the win that day. In 2 Samuel 6:16-22, a story is told of how David danced in the streets to celebrate the return of the Ark of the Covenant. His wife got mad and said he made a fool of himself by the way he acted. This didn’t bother David in the least and he gave us four steps on how to achieve Cowboy Confidence in our lives.

How you too can have Cowboy Confidence.
  1. Bring God Home – Too often we treat God like we do movies. We go see one every now and then and may talk about it with our friends. We enjoy it will it lasts and sometimes we can’t wait for the sequel. But in order to have Cowboy Confidence in yourself, you must learn to bring God home with you. Don’t just leave Him out in the yard or at the church. Invite Him to be apart of your family and give Him control over your household. Look to Him for the answers instead of trying to figure everything out for yourself. 2 Samuel 6:16

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  2. Pray For Others – We are all guilty of talkin’ trash about someone and the things this person did or said. This is as natural to us as breathing. But who you tell the trash talk to is the key. If you are tellin’ your friends about it, then it’s wrong. But you can tell God the same things. You can rant and rave to God about this person all you want. End your ranting by asking God to work on both of you. 2 Samuel 6:18
  3. Give – I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about anything that you have. I played football with my son and my nephew this weekend and it nearly killed me. Cowboy boots and long sleeved shirts are not the ideal football gear. I wanted to quit after about the first four minutes. The smiles on the faces of all those little boys kept me going though. I will remember those smiles and the laughter long after my feet quit hurting and the stitch in my get-a-long knits back up. 2 Samuel 6:19
  4. Have Fun – There is one thing that just aggravates me to no end. I would rather you stick a cockle bur in my lip and then head butt me in the face than tell me that Christians can’t have fun. Jesus died so that you could have an incredible, enjoyable life. I think it’s a slap in the face of the Man that died for you when we go around makin’ ourselves miserable. It won’t work every time, but I think we should try runnin’ from misery and unhappiness just like we would if a poisonous coyote was chasin’ after us. Whether you look at the glass half empty or half full doesn’t matter, it still has the same amount of water in it. Situations sometimes can’t be changed, but our outlook sure can be. 2 Samuel 6:21

How many times have you heard someone say this? “Come in here and smell this. It stinks real bad.” What do we do? We walk in there and smell it. Sure enough, it stinks. We do the same thing when we have no confidence in ourselves. Someone says something about us and just ruins our day. We need to learn that all they are really saying is, “Come in here. I’m miserable and I want you to be miserable with me.”

All you have to do is bring God home, pray for the miserable, give to others (even when you are tired), and sit back and enjoy life. Don’t pick two or three of these and leave the others out. Try all four and your Cowboy Confidence will go through the roof.

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  • Chad Armstrong

    Well all I can say to this is, I was one who just about would have taken a 2×4 to the face than have to go spend my weekend off with the inlaws. However I knew real quick that after about the first 2 or 3 times that I didnt go or made up a twisted excuse to not have go that it was hurting my wife and my kids. Now I can say with confidence that I missed out on a bunch of love and great times. My inlaws are very good people and very christian and open their house to anybody that knocks. Yes I feel like an idiot for missing those times and a bit embarassed for acting like a cry baby, but that has all changed I like going and seeing them and we do have great times.

    • Kevin

      Let me know the next time you go and we’ll try to meet up with ya in Greenwood. And I promise not to bring a 2X4.

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