I’ve Been Shot in the Face

by Kevin on February 16, 2011

The doctor walked in holdin’ the x-ray. He asked who shot me in the face and I was hesitant to tell him. It was kind of hard to talk about, but the bright white spot on the film made it all too real. I replied, “It was my brother.”

We were dove hunting about twenty years ago and I had made another spectacular shot. This shot was particularly spectacular because I had actually hit the dove I was aiming at. I had just walked over the top of the dirt tank on the Rocker B Ranch to retrieve the dove and had started back to the group when I noticed some more birds coming in.

I stopped and stood real still so I didn’t make them veer off course. They were comin’ right for me. I was so intent on the birds, just like everyone else was, that I failed to see my brother pull his gun to his shoulder to shoot. Everyone had been watching the birds and I looked towards the group in time to see a shotgun pointed right at me from about twenty yards away.

I covered my face and tried to turn my back the second he fired his gun. I felt the lead shot dig into my hands and face. I had tried to turn my back, but I was too late.

All I remember was the burning. I was on my knees and as I pulled my hands away from my face, I could see big red drops of blood fallin’ from my face. My first thought was, “My face has been blown off.”

My dad and brother reached me at that point and we figured out that I was fine. I was bleedin’ real good from a spot on my chin that had got nicked. My dad spent the next half hour digging lead shot out of the back of my hands.

I was actually fine and I felt worse for brother than I did myself. He was very upset and no matter how many times I told him I was fine, we both cringed every time another BB was dug out of my hand.

I remember towards the end of the pasture surgery, I got very upset. I started shakin’ and tears came to my eyes. I was just thankful that I was alright and that my brother didn’t have to re-live the event until twenty years later when I wrote a devotion about the experience. Sorry about this Jason.

This past Sunday night (more like Monday morning), I had a doctor tell me that my Dad, who had just been life-flighted from Fort Stockton to Odessa, had an 80% chance of dyin’. My dad had lost blood flow to his small intestine and most of it was dead. You can’t live without this part of your guts. There is no transplant or bag or anything to take the place of this small tube. You don’t have it, you die.

I told the doctor that I didn’t care what the CAT scan seemed to indicate, but my God and my faith was bigger than a fancy set of pictures. He smiled and said, “Your faith will be needed son.”

The next day my dad was called the Miracle Man by many doctors. I was very thankful that he was still with us, but Monday night when I got home. I lost it.

You see, sitting all alone with my dad before surgery and having THE talk with my dad, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. He asked Christ to forgive him of his sins and that he was his Lord and Savior. This wasn’t the first time, and he had already told me he was saved many times, but I told him I wanted to hear him say it.

After we finished with that part, I threw my hat on the floor of that ICU room and I held my Dad’s hand with one hand and put my other hand on his stomach. I prayed that God would give me the miracle that neither myself or my Dad deserved. That’s what it was going to take.

I was granted that miracle. When I got home Monday night, like I said, I lost it. Not out of grief, but the full impact of what God had done for me drove me to my knees. I cried like I’ve never cried before. I fell at the feet of Christ and held on to his legs because that’s all I could do. I felt like I’d been shot in the face by grace.

I hid my face in shame because I knew that I didn’t deserve what I’d been given. I cried and thanked Jesus over and over and asked forgiveness for the times that I hadn’t given him all that I have. I finally asked Jesus why he had given me the miracle I asked for and he said, “Because I love you.”

I thought back to the time on that dirt hill when I’d been shot by a shotgun. When I opened my eyes and saw the blood, I thought the worst. This time though, when my soul’s eyes were opened and I heard Jesus say in my heart that he loved me, I didn’t see my blood, I saw his.

Many of y’all have been prayin’ for my father and I want to tell each one of you that I don’t have the words to express my thanks for all of you. It was the prayers of y’all cowboys and cowgirls that screamed for a miracle out of heaven–and God was willing. Thank y’all.

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  • Candace Edwards

    I prayed that God would show his self to the doctors with a miracle. I’m so glad he did. I’ve learned thru my hard times that you have to Pray that people will see the miracle of God’s healing not just that the person gets better. Now everytime I pray for healing for someone I ask God to give us a miracle so that He may be seen in this stressful time to people that need to see him cuz people like u and I already know He’s there. I’m so glad you r Dad is doing good. Love you Brother.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Candace. I thought about your strength and what you went through with Chuck. Thanks for bein’ an example of faith for this old preacher.

  • Don Coyote

    Dang, I think I got somethin’ in my eye whilst a-readin’ that.

    Cain’t say nothin’ right now neither, got somethin’ stuck in my throat…

  • Becky

    You scared me, thought you were shot in the face like yesterday. I’m glad you’re okay.

  • Lee & Lisa Wilson

    We are so thankful that your Dad is doing better!
    Please let him know he is in our thoughts
    and prayers!!

    • Kevin

      Thanks for y’alls prayers. It’s gonna be a long recovery, but I’ll make sure he sticks to it.

  • Brenda Dillon

    Mornin’ Kevin… “We have not because we ask not”… I believe God said, “Thanks for askin” Son”. Glory to His name!!!!

    • Kevin

      Very true Brenda…no, absolutely True!!!

  • Greg Box

    Good Morning,

    Wow – what a testimony, sure enough got me too! So glad for you and your family that your Dad is ok and recovering well! God’s Grace and Love – What else can we say!

    All God’s Blessing’s,


    • Kevin

      Dad is home now and startin’ to bark orders again. Thanks for your prayers Greg.

  • Chris


    I already knew about your dad, but to read it put this way….wow. Keep preaching it, Kevin.

    • Kevin

      Thanks for your prayers Chris.

  • Don Coyote

    Since he’s barkin’ orders, should I get that colt saddled fer him, or ya think he might need another couple days?

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