Jesus Has Brown Eyes and a Big Nose

by Kevin on July 4, 2012

Two cowboys were sitting around the campfire one night and an angel of the Lord appeared to them both. The angel said, “If you want eternal life, you must follow Christ.”

After their initial shock wore off, one cowboy asked, “How do we know the trail that he took? We don’t know how to follow him! Shoot, we didn’t even see him leave!”

The angel said, “To follow him, you must first find him. To find him, just ask.”

The cowboys looked at each other and nodded.

Then the angel said, “After you ask for what you want, go and look for him. Seek Him out.”

The cowboys stood up, knowing there would be more.

“Knock on the door of Love and it will be opened for you. It’s easy to love those that love you back, but you must learn to love everyone, not just those you care about…even the ones you don’t. Don’t look down your horse’s nose at anyone, but be willing to lift anyone up that needs you.”

“Ah heck,” one of the cowboys said, “that trail won’t be hard. We ain’t even got horses to look down the nose of. Some fellas done stole ‘em away a couple of days ago.”

The other cowboy was deep in thought and finally repeated, “So to get eternal life we must follow Jesus?”

“Yes…” the angel said.

“And to follow him, we must first find him?”…..Yes

“And to find him, we gotta ask for him, look for him, and knock?”

When the angel said “yes”, two of the best horses the cowboys had ever seen came walkin’ up out of the brush.

“Saddle up and start ridin’,” the angel said. “Time is short down here.”

So the cowboys rode out, in search of eternal life through following Jesus Christ. They became famous for their love for all of mankind, their kindness in a world of hate, and the humbleness with which they rode.”

Then one night, camped in a canyon, a storm blew in. The two cowboys huddled underneath their canvas tent and shook with fright. This wasn’t no ordinary storm, this was a toad killer.

With the sound of a thousand hoofbeats, a wall of water 30 feet high smashed into the tent and the cowboys who had taken refuge there. As they were swept away down the canyon, their now lifeless bodies bounced and shattered off the rocks in a gruesome ballet of death.

Then there before them was the same angel they had seen at the campfire those years ago. The cowboys looked at each other in astonishment as they stood on dry ground and in dry boots.

“If you want eternal life, you must follow Christ” the angel said. “Did you?”

The brasher of the two cowboys spoke up quick. “You durn tootin’ we did. We’ve done followed him all the way to kingdom come!”

“But did you find him?” the angel asked.

“Well, I think we got close a few times.” The other cowboy just rolled his eyes.

“Oh yeah?” the angel said. “What did he look like?”

“Uhhhh……I think he was a tall feller. Not too tall mind ya, but he wasn’t no shorty either. If’n I recall, I think he had him a beard and wore a bathrobe a lot. I’m pretty sure he was shod with sandals instead of boots.”

Like a wind up toy wound up too tight, the cowboy continued. “I’m pretty sure I seen him in a bunch of churches……..yeah!, and he carried a bible around everywhere he went….King James Version. Shoot, I reckon’ I even heard him singing his favorite hymn one Sunday night. Jesus sure ‘nuff loves The Old Rugged Cross Tie. I can’t wait to shake his hand. When I meet him, I’m gonna tell him, “Lord, Lord. We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.”

Then, all of a sudden a loud voice filled the air saying, “Maybe so! But we never rode together as partners and amigos. Get out of my sight and off my spread.”

And with a scream that shattered the night…the cowboy was gone.

The angel looked at the other cowboy who was standing there with his head down. The man wiped away a tear as it fell and the angel asked, “If you want eternal life, you must follow Christ. Did you?”


“Did you find him though?”

“Yes and no” the cowboy said.

“What do you mean by that?” the angel asked.

“I didn’t find him…he found me.”

“You saw him?”


“And what did he look like?”

“He had brown eyes, brown hair, and a big nose.” The cowboy looked off in the distance like he was remembering a long ago memory.

“You see,” the cowboy said to the angel, “I recognized him the night you appeared and he walked up. We rode together every night after that. When I was askin’, seekin’, and knockin’, I was ridin’ in the saddle that was upon his back. It was by his power that we did those things. It was Him that showed us the trails to follow. We never knew where we was going, but we always seemed to get there.”

Like a living flashback, the cowboy relived the events.  “I didn’t go lookin’ for Jesus to get something from Him. I lived that life because I knew He died for me. I wasn’t looking to get something…I was looking to give back. But in doing so, I got more than I could ever ask for….peace that I couldn’t explain, happiness because I was never alone, comfort when even that wall of water come down on us, and most of all…I got to feel truly loved.”

All of a sudden a bright light enveloped the cowboy and when he dared open his eyes, he looked into the brown eyes he had come to know and love. The same eyes he once saw in a horse, he now saw in man…and that man said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.”

And the cowboy fell to his knees and cried.

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  • Kristin Warren

    Loved this one.

  • Greg Box

    Awesome! Thank you!

    Blessings To You And Your Family Always,


  • Lance

    I’m not sure I get it. I’ve been up all night tweeting #JedusSaves and I’m sooo tired and I found a link that took fme here and I feel like there is a message I’m not getting because I’m to tired. I’m going to email myself a link so I can read again tomorrow at work so please leave it up? I think he was the house that got stolen though? I’m sorry. Need sleep.

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