Jesus Is Stuck in the Truck

by Kevin on December 13, 2011

The woman fumed at me as I asked her to show me another trick she’d taught her horse. I laughed out loud as the horse led her around the small pen, shoved her out of the way, and bit at her. This was her pride and joy, but to me, this horse was an almond joy and completely nuts…or maybe that was his owner.

The horse hit her right in the face as she went to take the halter off. She scolded him like a playful wife would when her husband pinches her on the bottom. This mental image had me grinnin’ like a monkey, but the woman was fuming.

She came over to where I was standin’ and started in on me. She told me how she didn’t appreciate the fact that she had asked me to come over and help her with her horse and all I was doing was laughing at her. In the same sentence, she defended and criticized the horse. I stood there, unable to wipe the grin off of my face, and finally tipped my hat and walked off.

“Where are you going?” I could still hear the aggravation in her voice, but there was also a tinge of hopelessness.

“I’m leaving,” I said as I opened the truck door.

She stood there for a second and then walked over. I could see the tears in her eyes through the bug splattered windshield.

Without knowing whether to plead or cuss me out, she said, “You told me you’d help me with my horse and now you’re just gonna leave without doin’ anything except laugh at me?”

“There’s nothing wrong with your horse, ma’am.”

She exploded in frustration. “You saw what he did to me out there! He runs all over me. Does whatever the hell he wants to! And one day, I’m afraid he is going to hurt me or the kids.”

I sat there noddin’ my agreement with everything she said. I finally turned to her and smiled as I said, “Your horse doesn’t need help. You do. You need to figure out if you’re gonna be in charge of the horse or if he’s gonna be in charge of you.”

I let that sink in while she stared at the ground. Then I continued, “I can show you how to be in charge, but it won’t be easy. Your horse is used to being in control and you’re fixing to jerk it out from underneath him. You’ll both be in unfamiliar territory, but that’s OK because you’ll both be there together.”

She wiped a tear away as she opened the truck door and swept a hand out in front of her, silently askin’ me to take the lead.


Jesus is waiting in the truck, ready for you to open the door.

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  • Don Coyote

    Yeppirs, He’s not only a-sittin’ in my truck, He’s behind the wheel.

    • Kevin

      Really? I think you’ve already let him out and given him the reins to your life that used to bully, control, and take advantage of you. 😉

  • Don Coyote

    Well, yeah, that too.

    But when we’re done in the Round pen, I get in on the passenger side.

    • Kevin

      Got ya.

      • Don Coyote

        Just as an aside, I can relate to that bit about pinchin’ the Mrs. on the bottom.

        The day we got married, me as nervous as a lone bull trailerin’ towards a Mickey D’s, the (soon to be) Mrs. asked me ta make her a promise. A gazillion things ran through my head, not all of ’em good, before I asked her what it was. She asked me to promise her that I’d never raise my hand to her, a sad commentary on the reality of life down here.

        Well, my warped sense of humor got the better of me, I raised my hand and swatted her on the ol’ bee-hind and asked her if that was what she meant. Well, she giggled like a teenager and said no, she LIKED that, but said “You know what I meant”. I told her that’d be the easiest promise I’d ever keep.

  • Greg Box

    Amen Brother Kevin- Thank You!

  • Quinton Schmelzenbach

    well, like I said earlier, I’m just looking through your old posts… this one struck me, struck me hard. It’s where I am right now. Thank you very much!

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