Jesus wants to ride with you

by Kevin on November 29, 2010

Have you ever been around someone and been intimidated by what they know or something that they can do? Do you feel like the simplest of tasks makes you look like a complete idiot? I can remember a situation where I went through this very thing.

“Come on now!! Pay attention to what you’re doin,” Ralph said to me.

I shook my head in frustration and started the colt on another lope around the pen. I couldn’t do anything right by him today. If I went left, he wanted me to go right. When I thought it was too slow, he told me slow down more. The list went on and on and I could feel my frustration pourin’ out of me like the sweat down my cheek.

As I pondered the reason for my frustration, my lack of concentration sent an invitation, ending in a bad situation, thanks in large part, to my bucking transportation. You would think that having your knees protecting both of your ears during a flight would be advantageous, but it hurts like hell when you land. Especially when your knees are as bony as mine.

I picked myself up and cussed the horse for it’s attitude. I finally caught him after chasin’ him around the pen for 10 minutes. I was goin’ to show him what a bad mood felt like.

By the time it was over, we were both drippin’ sweat and I was still sheddin’ some blood. We sat out in the West Texas heat and just panted. My frustration was slowly ebbing, but it was about to return full throttle.

I rode the colt over to the pen and went to get off to open the gate. As I started to get off, my right leg hung in the loop of my rope that was laid on the saddle horn. I immediately got mad at this new inconvenience and jerked the rope off the saddle horn and placed the coiled rope on a post beside my right arm.

I went to get off for the second time, but in my haste, I failed to notice that as I swung my right leg back over the horse to dismount, I had caught my spur in the loop again. My roped foot stalled at high noon over the horse’s rear and I accidentally spurred him right on the rump. This sent him forward at a high rate of “oh crap” and I can assure you that this cowboy wasn’t built to do the splits.

I really don’t know what happened first, my foot coming out of the stirrup or my head hitting the ground.

“What in the world were you thinkin’?!” Ralph yelled at me.

I was pullin’ my spur out of the loop and nursin’ an ego that was hurt worse than the groin as he continued the berating.

“What’s the matter Kevin? You’ve been somewhere else ever since we got back from day workin’ this weekend.”

I looked down, full of self pity. “I ain’t never gonna be as good a cowboy as you are. No matter how hard I try, I always come up short. I felt like a little kid when you put me next to you on the drive Saturday. You did it ’cause you didn’t think I could hold my own and you wanted to keep an eye on me.”

Ralph stood there for a second and then walked off to get the colt. He came walkin’ back and said, “You know, you sure can mess things up.”

I smirked with an “I told you so” look in my eye.

“I didn’t put you there to keep an eye on you. I put you there because I trust you. Out of all the good cowboys that were out there workin’ Saturday, I wanted you to be next to me. That’s what partners do…they work together. They take care of each other. If either one of us got in a train wreck, I wanted to be sure that I had your back and you had mine.”

Still tryin’ to wallow in the self inflicted cesspool-pity-party, I said “Well, there were better cowboy to choose from than me out there.”

The followin’ words that he spoke I will never forget: “They’re not. Not in my eyes.”

God feels the same and wants to ride with you.

Have you ever felt inferior when lookin’ at your life? Do you feel like nothin’ you ever do is good enough in God’s eyes? Has your relationship with God seemed like he was always waiting for you to mess up?

There is no one that God would rather ride with than you. He loves you and cares about you more than you could ever know. God knows you’re not perfect, that’s why he had Paul write “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

God’s goodness is available to anyone that chooses to ride with Him instead of the world. He doesn’t give out little “good merit” tokens when you do something decent. That’s not how He works.

What God wants is an unbroken fellowship with you through Jesus Christ. Jesus rode to hell and back so you could ride with him to eternity. There’s no one else he would rather ride with than you.


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