Jordan Dahlquist – Christian Cowboy in Action

by Kevin on January 26, 2011

Today’s guest post is by 18 year old Jordan Dahlquist. He is a California cowboy that has heard God’s call and saddled up with him wholeheartedly. In his own words he said, “I’m an official hell stomper!” Thanks Jordan for your time, your dedication, and your ride with Christ.

Life Is Like Ridin’ Saddlebroncs

Stock photo from flickr

Life is kinder like ridin’ saddlebroncs. Yer either in the saddle er ya ain’t. And sometimes jist pullin’ leather to try an keep live. When ya come on out o’ that chute yer hearts jist a pumpin’ an ya might even do a lil’ hollerin’! Then after a couple start-off bucks ya gin to settelin’ in and git with the flow a things.

But’cha gotta make for dang sure ya know wheres yer lookin’! Erebody knows, ya gotta keep yer eye on the mane with them saddlebroncs. Cause yer gonna be headed where yer lookin’. If ya start lookin’ round at the crowd and lookin’ at yer lass all prouded up, you might find yerself sightn’ down and there ain’t no critter under ya no more. Or if ya start peakn’ at the ground an gittin’ sceared, ya can bet yer left oyster yer gonna be eatin’ dirt fore too long.

Keep yer eye on that there mane an yer set for a smooth rendezvous with the pick-up man. An git some effort into it, git them spurs up in that neck an make yer go-round worth a red cent. Ridin’ broncs ain’t bout floppin’ round like an ol’ cow hide, least act like yer tryin’.

An hang on to that rein like there’s a months pay at the other end. It’ll keep ye steady from flingin’ round.

Saddlebronc – your life

The ground – the evil one

The crowd and the lass – distractions of life

The chute – The womb

The mane – Jesus

The pick-up man – rapture

Spurs – ambition

Rein – prayer

Pullin’ leather – (grabbing the saddle, an illegal move) Down to your last match, the end of your rope.

Thanks Jordan!! Your insight and wisdom far exceeds yer years. Be sure and leave a shout-out to Jordan and encourage him to keep ridin’ like he’s ridin’. –Pastor Kevin Weatherby, Campfire Cowboy Ministries

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