Letter from God

by Kevin on August 19, 2010

Dear Cowboy,

People have tried to figure out through the ages what they could do to make me happy. I laugh at this when they try to “do” things for me. Everything  in this world and beyond was created by me. How silly is it when cowboys try to give me something that is already mine?

To try to put this in terms that you can understand, think of creation as a ranch. I made and own everything on this ranch, including you. So what is the one thing that I would want? I already have everything. The thing that made me the happiest is that I gave all that I have to my son. I passed everything to him. When you have everything and want for nothing, the greatest gift I could give myself was to give everything to my son.

I have given him my power. I have given him my authority. I have given him to you. There is only one thing now that you can do for me that would make me happy. This one thing is that you love my son. There is nothing else.

You have been tainted by sin and marred with imperfections. Because of this, you are no longer worthy of my company. I am holy, perfect, and good. Sin cannot abide in my presence so therefore neither can you. Only my son’s perfection is allowed in my company. But my son traded his life for yours so that you could come into my presence. I gave everything I had to him out of my love and in turn, he gave everything he is to you. He traded his perfection for your mistakes. He traded his right standing with me for your ugliness. In fact, he traded his reward from me for your punishment–and I honored his request.

So the question remains. What would make me happy?

Is it sacrifices? No.

Is it offerings? No.

Is it fasting? No.

Is it anything? Yes, just one thing.

The only thing that can please me is that you love my son as much as he loves you. This love is evident. You cannot hide it from me or from him.

When you leave this world and knock on my door, I will only open the door for those whose love of my son is evident. When the knock comes, I will only open it for my son. Please clothe yourself in him by living your life for him and loving him the way that he loves you.

Only I know the true magnitude of his sacrifice. The only thing that can make me happy is that you accept his gift that he died to give you. His gift of forgiveness is the key that unlocks the ranch gate. I hope to see you forever.

Eternal love,


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  • Kevin, what a great way to share the heart of God! I like so much the picture of the Father loving the Son. It is truly God’s greatest glory that we would believe in and love His Son. It is the only way to truly enjoy the happiness of God.

    Thanks for these letters. I may share them with some people I know who have yet to believe in Jesus.


    • Kevin

      And in sharing them Richard is the greatest act of kindness that you can bestow on me. I just hope that God will speak to other cowboys and other people through these simple thoughts.


  • As much as I love your funny stories from the pasture, your last three posts have been some of your best posts in my opinion! Thank you so much for your encouragement this week!

    • Kevin

      Thanks Nolan. I will admit that these letters took quite a toll on me. Maybe because I have had to come face to face with some of my own issues with my relationship with God. There is a fine balance in that our God IS a loving God, but at the same time, He is one that is not to be taken lightly.

  • What a meaningful letter from God! But then what else should we expect from the Father. I liked your ending where the Father says I can only open the door if you are clothed in Him. Rich.


    • Kevin

      That is just another way of saying one of my favorite Bible verses: He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. — 2 Corinthians 5:21

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