Letter from the Holy Spirit

by Kevin on August 17, 2010

Dear Cowboy,

I’d like to introduce myself to you. Now that you have asked for and received Jesus’ boots, I am here to deliver them to you. But I’m not just the delivery driver or anything like that, I am your new saddle pardner. Jesus has finished his work on the cross and has gone to sit next to our Father in heaven. He has sent me down here to ride with you and lead you as you start your new life.

As you ride with me down that narrow trail that Jesus’ was a talkin’ about, I’m gonna be whisperin’ in your ear and pullin’ on your heart. If you go to gettin’ too far off the trail I may have to quit whisperin’ in your ear and start pullin’ on it. But all jokin’ aside, I want you to know that this path that has been picked out for you is goin’ to be a tough one sometimes and I’m gonna be there given you guidance and strength the whole time.

I’m gonna ask you to do one thing. This is very important and a lot of cowboys sure do miss out on a bunch because they didn’t understand this. You really can’t do much on your own, but I can move mountains. What I need you to do is step when I say step and trust when I say go. I need you to stop when I say whoa and I want you to talk when I say talk. You are gonna find yourself sayin’, “I ain’t qualified or able to do this or that” when I lay somethin’ on your heart. When these times come, I want you to understand that it’s not you that’s doin’ these things, but me–through you.

If you will just remember to look to me for guidance in all that you do and all that you say, you are gonna be just fine. There is not a situation too difficult or a goal unattainable when you are guided by God’s will and I. It’s not gonna be an easy trip by any means, but it will be the best trail you have ever been down.

Lookin’ forward to our ride,

The Trail Guide

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  • Becky

    Kevin, these letters are amazing, thank you for sharing them. Love how they explain it all.

  • I like the way you picture the Holy Spirit as personal. So many see Him as some impersonal force or something. I like the way you show that the Holy Spirit talks to us, rides with us, and lives in us. He is someone we can look to for guidance and depend on for strength. –Richard

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