Man in the Mirror – Christian Cowboy Poetry

by Kevin on May 30, 2011

Today’s Cowboy Poet is Athen Allee. If this don’t make you stop and ponder, nothing will. Thanks Athen!

Man in the Mirror

I am standing in front of the mirror,

Looking at my new boots and hat,

Waxing up my mustache, hoping I don’t look fat.

Thinking to myself if my money was well spent,

Do these boots fit just right and does my hat have a dent.

All these things I worry and wonder,

Then at a moment I get the chance to ponder.

If the Lord Jesus was here with me

Would he really be concerned with the things that I see?

If I spent more time looking at my heart,

I would probably realize why things fall apart.

As I look into the mirror and deep into my soul,

I see something there that makes me whole.

I see a little spot, that at times is hard to see.

It is my true heart that is what really makes me me.

This little spot is very dear to me,

It didn’t cost me anything, Jesus paid my fee.

The only thing is did was bow my head and say,

“Lord come into my heart, I give you my life today.”

So when I look into the mirror, at my new boots and hat,

I am going to remember, “What does Jesus look at?”

He looks at his children with love and compassion,

And not at the worlds latest fashion.

So boots or hat it doesn’t matter,

Give your life to Jesus, it make you all the gladder.~~

© 2011 Athen Allee


Athen Allee is the Associate Pastor of the Lone Star Cowboy Church of Limestone County in Mexia, Texas.

I want to thank him for allowing me to share what God gave him.

If you’d like to read more great stuff from the LSCCLC, check out Pastor Jake Hershey’s guest post on Campfire Cowboy Ministries: Hammerhead.

Don’t forget to check out the new book – The Great Cow-mission. Available on or

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  • Becky

    Great poem!

  • Great work… praise God for such great men as you!

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