Mind of Another Horse

by Kevin on February 13, 2012

You’ve heard me talk about how a good horse doesn’t forget what they’ve been taught and how as Christians, we should strive to have the mind of a horse.  Another thing that’s true about a lot of horses is that even though they don’t forget what they’ve been taught, some of them tend to get off track if they haven’t been practicing what they know.

It’s been a long winter..the economy stinks, which means my income has stunk..and when my income stinks, I don’t go spend money roping.  I decided a few weeks ago to catch my rope horse and head down the road to a local practice.  He hadn’t been saddled more than twice in 3 or 4 months and that was to work cows, not go to the roping pen.  I’ve only owned this scamp for 2 years and in that time, I don’t know that I had ever been off of him for more than 2 weeks.  He’s got a big motor and is purty “watchy” about things, but I figured there wasn’t much to worry about-plus, the longer I stayed off of him, the worse it was gonna be.

The first night wasn’t bad, as I took him to a familiar place and eased into things.  The worst thing that happened was I let a guy who was interested in buying the horse run some steers on him and to use his words, “He’s a real nice horse, but he’s too much horse for me.”

No offense to this fella, but in cowboy terms “He’s too much horse for me” means “I can’t handle him”.  The latter was true…..Ol’ Grey did things with this guy I’d never seen him do…and none of ’em were the right things.  I loaded him up and went to the house.

A week later, I figured I better go to a local practice and work out the bugs…this ended up taking the entire practice.  Ol’ Grey was doing everything from acting like an idiot in the box, to running completely through the bit, to going left before I asked him to.

Part of this was the guy who tried him’s fault..he let Grey do whatever he wanted.  Part of this was my fault…I hadn’t kept him tuned up and let an under qualified guy ride him when he was fresh.  And part of this was Grey’s fault…he knows better, but he hadn’t been practicing what he knows, so he had some resistance.

As Christians, a lot of us are like Ol’ Grey.  As long as we’re putting into practice the things we’ve been taught to do like reading the bible, praying, reachin’ out to the lost, spendin’ time with other Christians and goin’ to a weekly church type gatherin’ somewhere…..we’re good.

But it’s when we choose to just stay turned out for a while like Grey has been, we can easily get off track.  There are certain things that God wants us all to do and they’re for your benefit.  Not doing any of the things listed above can cause ya to start to lose focus on God and on seeking out and living His will for your life.

With Grey, if you ride him consistently and keep reminding him of the things he’s been taught…the things he was created to do…..he’s fine.

With Christians, if we choose to do the things we’ve been taught and keep reminding ourselves what we were created for…..we’re fine.

When Grey takes a break from practicing what he knows is right, he’s resistant…..and he wonders why he gets rode ‘till he’s winded and spurred in the guts.

When we take a break from what we know is right, a lot of the time we’re resistant…and wonder why we’re winded emotionally, physically and spiritually, not to mention getting’ hammered by the spurs of life.

Just knowing how or why to do something isn’t enough..you’ve also gotta do it.

James 2:26, “As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”

~~~~This has been another great cowboy devotion from Jake Hershey. If you’d like him to come speak at your church or event, get with me and I’ll help ya arrange it.

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  • Caprice Madison

    Thanks for the tune-up…Blessings

  • Thanks for the great post and the gentle encouragement. I’ve noticed that definitely in my life, if I”m not spending regular time with my Savior, I am a bit out of sorts. I don’t functino as well as I can and should…and I’m miserable. God is life…literally and figuratively, and when I’m spending regular time with HIM every day, than I’m on track 🙂 🙂 Greetings from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

    • Kevin

      Preach it girl!!

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