Paul’s missionary journey to Texas and why he didn’t make it.

by Kevin on July 22, 2010

We have all sat frustrated and wondering what was going on. Our lives just aren’t quite going the way that they should be. We had plans. We had dreams. We even had google draw us a map. So what went wrong?

The cowboy Apostle Paul saddled up his horse. He couldn’t wait to get on the dusty trail. He had quite a ride in front of him and his missionary boots were just plum itchin’ to get him somewhere so he could tell other cowboys the Good News.

With a tip of his hat, Paul struck a long trot for Texas. (I haven’t been able to adequately verify this, but neither have I found anything that says he wasn’t going to Texas.) He had a few friends along the way that he might bunk down with for a night, but he wouldn’t rest until he got to the Gentiles in Texas or beyond. He knew that God had called him to go take the message of Jesus to everyone but the Jews. This was a mighty big undertakin’ cause that meant most of the world. But with the rhythym of his horse’s feet, he knew the only way to accomplish this was one step and one day at a time.

Fast forward and before you know it, our cowboy has landed in a Roman prison. It’s very hard to spread the Good News from a jail cell. The cowboy that was supposed to go to everyone in the world now couldn’t go to the bathroom by himself.

I am sure this wasn’t a mere setback in Paul’s life. He had things to do, places to go, people to tell. Why in the world would God allow him to be sitting, doing nothing in a Roman prison? With all of this free time, when no one was on facebook, he decided to write.

We thank God that he did. If it wouldn’t had been for a little free time in a Roman juzgado, Paul might not have had the time to write Philemon, Collosians, Philippians, and Ephesians.

Delays can be opportunities

We all get mad when things don’t happen according to our times line. But the next time a delay happens, don’t get mad, start trying to look for the opportunity.

Delays can be forced rest from God

Americans are totally about success and the hard work it takes to get it. That doesn’t just apply to wall street business men, it applies to Christians as much or more. If you are tired and keep getting delay after delay, maybe it’s God’s way of saying you need to rest.

Delays are inevitable

The only thing that can be certain on any trip is that things will not go according to plan. It doesn’t matter if that’s a trip to the store or a missionary trip to Barnhart. Plan on delays and be ready to use them as rest or catch up times.

Delays can be life changing

Are you for sure that you are ridin’ down the road that God wants? Sometimes we get so focused on doing this one thing that we miss all the signs from God that he wants us to do something else. One thing I know is that if you are comfortable, God probably has a different plan for you.

Is there a time in your life that you have been delayed and something good came out of it?

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  • Let me just say that I love the way you tell stories.

    Second, the hardest thing to do, when God has delayed us or forced us to rest is to take it and ask “what does this make possible?” I’m def end up there more often than I like and I never remember to stop and reconsider until the time would seem to have come and gone.

    • Kevin

      That seems to be my problem too Sage. I seem to always look back and wonder why I got so upset when God had it handled all along. You would think we would eventually learn.

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  • Kevin,
    Loved the story. I agree with Sage–You have a great way of telling a story and making some great points. I feel like I need to print this one out and hang it someplace to remind me the next time there is a delay. I can’t remember the last delay, but I know they seem to happen frequently, so I want to be prepared to look for the opportunity.
    Liked the way you used a list post by putting in bold headers. Made it easy to follow.
    And, thank you for stopping by last week. Your comment about Jesus surrendering His will to the Father showed me how the Lord speaks something different to each of us. It is also an important point that I will bring out when I rewrite that story.


    • Kevin

      I’ll be looking forward to that along with all of your other great stuff Janis. Keep on doing a great job of bringing God’s message.

  • Ya learn smtoehing new everyday. It’s true I guess!

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