Ridin’ The Ditches

by Jake Hershey on March 24, 2013

I’ve got a buddy staying with me who up until a few days ago had never gotten a chance to see the country in the area I live in.  I was saddling a horse and asked him if he wanted to go ride around for a bit and he said he did.  I figured we’d just ride around the 50 or 60 acres directly behind my place, but he said he wanted to “see the country around here” and eventually talked me into riding down the road for aways.  I don’t like riding down the road for several reasons..the two main ones being there’s too many idiots driving on said roads and the other being I don’t like feeling like a trail rider (no offense to trail riders, it’s just not my thing.)

We took off down the dirt road next to my house with no plans whatsoever on exactly where or how far we were heading.  I decided we’d ride to where the road T’s, which I knew was 1.5 miles away and he said that was cool with him.  Upon arrival at the T we were faced with 3 obvious choices, 1)Turn around and head back the way we came 2) Take a left, which I knew circled back around to my house and would end up in a 3.5 mile ride or 3) Take a right and ride on a road which I had never ventured to find out where it ended.  I bet you can guess which way we went.  You are correct, we went right.  After a few miles, my buddy asked me where we would turn to head back to the house.  I replied truthfully, “I don’t know, but there’s gotta be a right turn sooner or later and we’ll take it and just find our way home.”  Well……I was wrong.  The dirt road never turned right. Or left.  It went for a few more miles until it came to another T at a paved road.  I was pretty sure I knew where we were at this point….only a few hundred yards from another dirt road that I was sure would lead us back home.  Wrong again.  We rode in the ditch of the paved road for 3 miles until we finally came upon the dirt road I knew would lead us home.  By the time we made it home, my planned short little ride in the pasture to help get my pony legged up for Spring turned into a 14 mile marathon.

It turned out to be a fun afternoon.  When I had saddled my horse half a day earlier, I had absolutely no idea that we’d be riding thru ditches, dragging logs down a dirt road, crossing wooden bridges and roping an armadillo that afternoon.  I’m glad my buddy talked me into doing something out of my comfort zone.  We had a lot of fun and it was good for the horses.

We shouldn’t stay in our comfort zone as Christians, either.  There are way too many people who call themselves Christians and think they’re doing all that they should do by showing up to church on Sunday morning, sitting in the exact same seat, singing the exact same songs, giving the exact same amount of money, then going home and not even thinking about what it means to be a Christian until the next Sunday morning.

God wants us all to step out of our comfort zones.  We all have different callings on our life, but they are all from God.  You know that desire and/or idea you have bouncing around in your head?  That didn’t come from you, it came from God.  He gave it to you for a reason.  He wants you to do something about it.  Even if it makes you uncomfortable and takes you out of your comfort zone, you need to do it.  How do I know this?  Because if God didn’t want you to do it, he wouldn’t have given you the idea in the first place.  No one but God knows all of the great and rewarding experiences you’ll have along the way, if you’ll just get out of your comfort zone and do what He’s telling you to.  You might not get to rope an armadillo, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy the ride.

Psalm 32:8
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.


Jake Hershey 3/24/13

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  • Thanks, Jake. God always asks us to step out of our comfort zone, it’s up to us to make that step….

  • Brian Becker

    Nice One

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