Riding with Broncs

by Kevin on September 13, 2011

If you ride the trail with broncs, don’t be surprised when you get bucked off.

Proverbs 13:20 (Simplified Cowboy Version)

I unloaded my bronc out of the trailer to a clatter of hooves and snorts. The whites of his eyes were burning hot and he stood there with splayed legs acting as if the very ground beneath him might jump out from under him at any moment.

A similar demonstration was being exhibited about twenty yards away. My friend was unloading his own bronc that would be his partner for the day’s gathering of cattle. I felt fortunate that my mount had not tried to kick me twice and pull away like his did.

When the third stooge of our little cowboy crew showed up in his dually pickup and featherlite trailer, we looked admiringly at the big stout ranch horse that he unloaded. It stepped out of the trailer like a CEO out of a limo and waited to be dressed in his $3000 saddle and neoprene cinch.

While us two bronc riders cheeked our mounts around to a chorus line of “whoas” and “oh no’s”, the smarter of our trio stepped upon his horse without even touching the reins. I thought how nice it would be to ride a good horse every once in a while and not be worried about fighting all day long.

With soft words of encouragement to the broncs, we struck a long trot for the far side of the pasture. This trot lasted, without incident, a lot longer than I’d ever thought possible. I was surprised to see that we had made it sixty feet from the trailer before both broncs blew a gasket.

In perfect bronc busting harmony, we screamed and yelled as we tried desperately to stay on. I heard a horse snort and then the unmistakable sound of breath leaving a cowboy’s body as it hits the ground. Havin’ my own terrible tango to dance, I didn’t dare take a look to see if my partner still had a hold of his reins or not.

When the dust settled and the final pirouette of our dance had been completed, I looked up at my fellow bronc rider who was still mounted and coming through some mesquites. My eyes instantly found a big stout ranch horse bucking out across the pasture and a very disgusted cowboy dusting himself off.

He looked up at us and said, “That’s the last time I bring a good horse to a bronc party. I guess that’s why they say a bad apple will ruin the whole barrel. Now y’all quit grinning at me and go get my $5000 horse on those $500 broncs.”

Walk with the wise and become wise,

   for a companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13:20

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  • Paul Weatherby

    A cowboy can hold his breath longer than a dolphin, watch for cowboy “frisbees”, and scratch his nose with his shoulder during these precious moments of time and also put up with the “Real Cowboy Cheerleaders”.
    Keeping a deep seat and mind in the middle (and prayers)

    • Kevin

      Wow! I’m tellin’ you what, y’all have to be about 98% purebred cowboy or cowgirl to understand that. Thanks Dad!!

  • Ed

    Not sure how much cowboy I am but I understood that.

    • Kevin

      I’ll be sending you a certificate of authenticity then in the mail. lol

  • Greg Box

    Love it – Great Stuff! Thanks!!

    • Kevin

      Thanks Greg!

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