Runnin’ Around With Your Hair on Fire

by Kevin on January 4, 2011

. . .And there we were, kids just barely old enough to stay by ourselves. It had been hours since our Dads had gone fishing out on the lake and now there was a bad storm blowin’ in. They said they were only gonna be gone for about an hour. That’s when my best friend and my brother decided that it was up to us to go rescue them.

The first thing we did was build a big bonfire in front of the campsite. This was so they would be able to see in the dark and know the way home. We worked like plow mules dragging in dead wood from all over the place and gettin’ it lit. We sat around the fire until it burned down some. We didn’t want to go off in search of them and the wind end up blowin’ some cinders around the campsite and burnin’ everything to the ground.

With the fire burned down some, we struck off along the bank looking for our Dads. There was only twenty-six years experience between my friend, me, and my little brother that was four years younger than we were. (All of the nerds are trying to figure out that math word problem.)

We left a note behind on a paper plate at the campsite. I think my dad still has to this day. It said something like, “Dad, we got worried about you and we have left to come find you.”

With lightning striking all around, we three pint-sized search and rescue troopers marched out into the darkness. We tried to take a torch along like you see in the movies, but they don’t work like that. I think Hollywood is full of crap when it comes to how well their torches work. Ours quit about seven seconds after the whole roll of paper towels we stuck on the end of a big stick went out.

We hadn’t walked more than a hundred yards and heard some talking. I yelled out, “Is that you Dad?!?!”

He responded right away, “Yeah!!! We’re right over here! How in the world did you find us all the way over here on the other side of the lake?”

I walked up to them in the darkness. “Other side of the lake?” I said. “The camp’s just right there. Didn’t you see our fire?”

They had been there since after dark. They had sheared a cotter pin on the boat propeller. They got blown off course and saw this campsite with a big fire in front of it and just knew that we weren’t capable of building such a big fire. They kept lookin’ for the Coleman lanterns on a pole, not the Great Chicago Fire.

God told us all to be lights in the darkness so that the lost would be able to find us. More often than not, we try to make our lights shine real bright. This sometimes causes adverse affects on people.

Don’t build a fire so big that people can’t even get close to it or they are scared you are a pyromaniac.

Don’t use paper towels that flame up real bright and then go right out.

Just be yourself and let GOD shine through you. You are not the light, He is. You are the conduit through which His power flows, and the best way to be that is to just be yourself.

Don’t light your hair on fire and run out into the night trying to find the lost by being the light God told you to be. You’re just gonna end up hurt and scarin’ some folks.

Be a Coleman lantern (just be one on a hill). Just be yourself with God shinin’ brightly.

P.S. The answer is 11 for everyone that is not a nerd.

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  • Don Coyote

    After scratchin’ my head raw, I still cain’t make that math work. Must be that newfangled Arabian stuff Al-Ja-Bar

  • I’m still laughing from when you used that line yesterday!

    Something we have to consider though, is that when we just relax and let God work His way it will always work, but it might be very small. I have a problem with that because I want to see God move in big and amazing ways, but lately especially it’s been all about the small little things here and there.

    • Kevin

      I hear you buddy. Thanks for the inspiration for this post.

  • Don Coyote

    Seiji, way back when, I sure wanted to see the Red Sea parted, God doin’ big things like you said. It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I actually stood back and watched in awe, all the little miracles. Seems like your headed in that direction, nothin’ like a child to make you look up and say “Thanks”

  • Mike McMurry

    Kids are big miracles in small packages.

    • Kevin

      Yes they are!!

  • At first I was shocked when I found this site and story, then I realized it was God showing me something. You see my 22 yr old daughter did catch her hair on fire when the BBQ pit exploded in flames two weeks ago. I was looking on the web for advice when I found myself here. God does have a sense of Humor doesn’t He? Anyway, thanks for the reminder that I can’t be everything to everyone and I have to just be me and let HIM do His work through me, not the other way around. Stormi, my daughter will be just fine, she is bald and has burns to her face, neck and right ear, was in a life flight chopper two weeks ago tomorrow, but was loping around the pen on her gelding yesterday. Oh yea, She has a perfect three inch Cross burned on her right shoulder now, a reminder of who saved her. God Bless and keep remindin folks to get off the fence and quit ridin the gate.

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