Save the Cowboy Sermon 10-9-2011: How to Help Someone Out of a Wreck

by Kevin on October 9, 2011

Save the Cowboy Sermon 10-9-2011

Click the link above to listen to Sunday’s sermon. Below are some notes to follow along with.

How to Help Someone Out of a Wreck

  1. Don’t interfere with growth
  2. Don’t get in the way of God’s plan
  3. Don’t get in a fight that ain’t yours
  4. Your good intentions can get you hurt
  • Be there without being “in there”.
  • Be sure your horse is saddled correctly before helping someone else saddle their own.
  • Pray for ’em


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  • Don Coyote

    I cain’t lissen ’cause my connection is just that bad, but the notes work fer me.

    • Kevin

      Just make the notes about 30 minutes long with a bunch of stories about rodeo party fights and buckin’ horses.

      • Don Coyote

        I can easily do that…fights, buckin’ horses AND bulls—somebody once told me ’bout those kinda things ;o{-

  • Jeremy Deal


    This was very well put. The message was very straight and to the point. Especially for those that need this sorta message. I for one need to remember these points at times, especially when I get a little too eager to help those when clearly it ain’t my fight.

    • Kevin

      We should help people. I don’t want anyone thinking that I was saying something different than that. But a lot of times, we try to keep people out of the trials that they need to go through.

  • Good points, and to tell the truth, never heard that preached before. These will be sticking with me.

    • Kevin

      I try to be original!!

  • Kristin Warren

    Bro. Kevin those are some very good points and I like Tom have never heard this preached before.

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