Save the Cowboy sermon 9-18-2011

by Kevin on September 19, 2011

Many have been asking for me to begin recording the sermons. Well, here is the first one I’ve recorded since coming to Colorado.

Please take the time to listen, or at least bookmark it and come back when you have time.

Click on the link below to begin:

Jesus is Willing

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  • Betty Dean

    Enjoyed the message. Glad to be able to hear your message. Hope to hear many more. Thank you!

    • Kevin

      Thank you Betty!!

  • Kari

    Thank you Kevin, thank you! I never stopped missin you and your family.

    • Kevin

      We miss all of y’all very much Kari. I can’t wait for y’all to come up and see us. I’ll even find you a cook-off and Paul a roping!!

  • Brandon Tippie

    Great message Kevin. Can’t wait for week 2.
    Ain’t nothing wrong with an extra helpin of Jesus
    during the week.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Brandon, for the comment and your support.

  • Kristin Warren

    Great message Bro. Kevin. Looking forward to hearing more. When you get a few recorded you should upload them to ITunes as a podcast. That way they can be downloaded to computers phones or iPads and people can take it with them on the go.

    • Kevin

      I really don’t know how to do that, but I will look into it Kristin. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Suni

    This is so cool, there is times that I needed to listen to your message again and now I can!

    • Kevin

      It’ll be better if I can take Kristin’s advice and get them on a podcast on iTunes. Thanks Suni!

  • Greg Box

    Great Message Brother Kevin! Thank You So Very Much!


    Greg Box
    Midland, Texas

    • Kevin

      Gracias amigo!!!

  • Marilyn

    Thank you Kevin, for keeping it simple! Just listened to your “Jesus Is Willing” sermon….-Marilyn, mid-MI

    • Kevin

      Thank you Marilyn!

  • Kristin Warren

    Bro Kevin don’t know if you found anything yet but I found a website on how to podcasts on ITunes here is the link.

    • Kevin

      I checked it out…thanks!

  • Kathy

    What a great to the point message you preached about who Jesus is and what He wants from us and what He wants to give us!!!!

    • Kevin

      Thanks for the encouragement Kathy. God bless you for taking the time.

  • I don’t see that I had a cowboy that changed my life. I sure have had plenty of hombres showing me the wrong path. I’m just glad God gave me the common sense to not follow the bad examples in my life.

    Charles Lupton

    P.S. Glad to finally hear your message via audio. I was waiting for this. I’ll be sure to visit when I make to Colorado from Texas.

    • Kevin

      Please do!! We’ll sure be here with the coffee hot.

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