Simply Easter – Part 3

by Kevin on March 30, 2011

We continue on with the Simplified Cowboy Version of the days leadin’ up to Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Then we will journey past there and see what happens in the days and weeks following.

Matthew 26:57-75

The Head Honcho of the Church Questions Jesus

57 The posse took Jesus and stood him before Caiaphas, the church’s head honcho, and many other big whigs. 58 Pete had been followin’ along like a Comanche warrior, at a distance and without bein’ seen. He snuck in to the meetin’ and sat down in the back to see what the outcome would be.

58 This whole church institution was just lookin’ for a way to lie about Jesus so they could sentence him to death. 60 After many attempts and people lyin’ on the stand, they couldn’t find a reason.

Then two fellows walked in and 61 said, “This cowboy said, ‘I will destroy the church and rebuild it in three days.’”

62 The head honcho stood up and asked Jesus, “Are you gonna answer these charges? What have you got to say about yourself?” 63 But Jesus kept his mouth closed.

The head honcho said, “I dare you to answer this one question, so help you God. Are you the Christ, the Boss’ Son?”

64 Yup,” Jesus said, “and I’m tellin’ y’all right now that in the future you will see me sittin’ right beside the Boss and comin’ on the clouds of heaven.”

65 The head honcho broke into a fit of rage and spit flew from his mouth as he said, “He has called himself God! Why do we need more witnesses? Everyone in here just heard him. What do y’all think we should do now?”

66 “String him up!!” they yelled.

67 Then all the people took turn spittin’ on Jesus and hittin’ him in the face. All the while they 68 said, “If you’re the Son of God, tell us who is hittin’ you!”

Pete Denies Riding With Jesus

69 Now Pete was still there and a young girl came up to him and said, “I know you! You rode with Jesus didn’t you?”

70 Without skippin’ a beat, Pete said, “I ain’t got a clue what you’re yackin’ about ma’am.”

71 Pete saddled up and as he rode out of the courtyard, another young lady recognized him and told everyone standin’ there, “Hey look! There’s one of Jesus’ cowboys that rode with him right there.”

72 Pete shook his head and hollered, “Why does everyone keep sayin’ that? I ain’t never seen that man before in my life.”

73 When things had settled down, some folks that were standin’ close to Pete said, “We know you rode with Jesus. We can tell by your accent!”

74 Then Pete started cussin’ himself and everyone else and said, “I ain’t never rode with no man named Jesus!”

Immediately, off in the distance, a rooster crowed. 75 Then Pete remembered the words Jesus had spoken to him, “When you hear the cock crow, you will have denied ridin’ with me three times.” Pete walked away and wept like a child.

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