Simply Easter – Part 6

by Kevin on April 20, 2011

We are nearly done with the Easter story and the events that followed. I pray that all y’alls Easter will be an awesome one.

Matthew 28:1-15 (Simplified Cowboy Version)

Jesus Rides Back Into Town

After the Day of Rest, at sunrise of the first day of the week, the two Mary’s went to visit Jesus’ grave.

2 All of a sudden there was a violent earthquake. A winged rider from heaven had flown down and rolled the boulder out of the way so’s they could see inside. 3 This angel looked like he was made of livin’ lightnin’ and his trail gear was as white as snow. 4 The deputies saw him and got so dadgummed scared that they fell down like dead men.

5 The winged rider said, “Y’all don’t be scared. I know that y’alls a lookin’ for Jesus who was strung up and killed on that cross. 6 But he ain’t here! He has rode back from the dead just like he said he would. Y’all come take a looksy and see that I ain’t a pullin’ your leg. 7 Once yer satisfied that he ain’t here, run and tell his cowboys: ‘He has rode back from the dead and has struck a long trot for Galilee. There is where you’ll meet him.’ I’ve said what I came to say.”

The Ladies See Jesus

8 So the two ladies ran away from the grave. They was afraid, but at the same time they were plum happy. They ran as fast as they could towards where the cowboys were camped. 9 Suddenly the came upon Jesus sittin’ there and he said, “Howdy!” The screamed for joy and fell down at his boots and worshiped him. 10 Then Jesus told ‘em, “Don’t be scared. Go and tell the boys of my outfit to meet me in Galilee.”

The Head Honchos of the Church Bribe the Deputies

11 While the women were goin’ to tell Jesus’ cowboys about what happened, the deputies rode into town and told the head honchos of the church about the winged rider and everything else that had happened. 12 The head honchos met together and came up with a devious plan. They gave the deputies a bunch of money and said, “Tell people that Jesus’ cowboys came in the middle of the night and bushwhacked you and stole Jesus’ body. If this report makes it back to Pilate, he will be fine with it and you won’t get in trouble.” 15 So the deputies pocketed their small fortunes and did what they were told to do. This lie has been told all over the place and is still thought to be true today.

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  • Kevin your version of what happened during Holy Week is fantastic. Jesus spoke the language of those who were around Him at the time. I’m convinced many people were drawn to that down to earth way he had about Him before they ever understood His message. I’m enjoying how well you do the same thing. Good News wrapped in a cowboy-ese!
    Blessings to you and your family as you celebrate all you’ve written about!

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