Spurs – Cowboy Poetry by Ron Secoy

by Kevin on September 5, 2011

Why do you wear those spurs?

Those are the words I heard

You ain’t doing no riding

Don’t you think they’re absurd

Maybe they are just for show

Or you like their jing-a-ling

Dressing up the boots

When you do your thing

I wear ’em as a reminder

Of the trail I’m on

The path to the big corral

Somewhere beyond the dawn

Been wearing ’em

Ever since the day

He said to get into boots

And throw that suit away

There’s a heap of cowboys

Wanitng to here the truth

Tired of being Bible thumbed

And met with rude reproof

Tell ’em about the Big Trail Boss

And how he really has care

Like’s them rough cowpokes

With ’em, the story share

Wear them spurs in all places

Never mind if it’s right or wrong

Some lost wrangler will see ’em

And want to follow along

Maybe they’ll want to know

Just why those spurs you wear

Making that joyful ringing noise

Maybe they’ll want a pair

Let ’em know your story

And the reason for sll your joy

Say I’m a lookin’ for a round up crew

Especially the tough and true cowboy

To order a copy of Ron’s new book Cowboy Psalms, send a $12.00 check or money order to:

Ron Secoy

Box 217

Marlow, OK 73055

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  • Jane Horton

    Thanks for the share. Went out and bought this book on Monday and loved it. Will def be passing on the word and in more ways than one!

    • Kevin

      ….and thank you for sharin’ the Word. Keep a ridin’.

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