Stealin’ an Old Lady’s Fried Chicken

by Kevin on December 14, 2010

I made a trip out to California many, many moons ago with my cousin. We drove all the way from Texas with our great-grandmother (she was about 90), our great-aunt (she was patient), and our great-uncle (he had Alzheimers). That was definitely a trip of a lifetime and a trip where I learned the value of the Word of God.

On the way out to California and on the way back, we didn’t really do the breakfast thing. If we were hungry, we could grab a bowl of cereal or a piece of fruit from the motel IF it was a continental breakfast. Yes young folks, there was a time before every motel had a continental breakfast.

The  very first day, Cressie and I learned a valuable lesson. We didn’t eat breakfast because our aunt said we would be stopping early for lunch. Sure enough it was between 10:30 and 11:00 when we stopped for a bite to eat.

We all ordered our selection from the menu. I remember when the waiter brought Mama Ivy’s (the great-grandmother) food to her. It was more fried chicken than the table could eat. Cressie and I kind of snickered at that, but Mama Ivy would have the last laugh.

We were told that the drive to California would not be rushed. We could stop when we got tired of riding, stop for snacks if we got hungry, and bathroom breaks were encouraged for everyone’s sake. In actuality, what happened was, we sat in the back of the van and we stopped when Mama Ivy got tired of riding. We stopped if Mama Ivy got hungry. Bathroom breaks were reserved for when Mama Ivy needed to go and I don’t think her kidneys functioned properly. If they did, it was in slow motion.

Meanwhile, back at the meal, Mama Ivy only ate about three bites of her ten piece fried chicken feast. She got a to-go box for the rest of it.

She put the chicken between her feet on the floor of the van. About every ten minutes, she would reach down and pull off a bite of chicken. She did this all day long. By the time school would have been letting out, Cressie and I were getting hungry, but no one asked us.

“Mama? Are you getting hungry yet?” My aunt would ask.

Mama Ivy would reply, after just downing another piece of chicken, “No, I think I’m fine right now.”

Cressie and I started secretly conspiring to steal the old lady’s chicken.

We finally did stop and eat, but I won’t ever forget that lesson.

The Bible tells of how Jesus went into the desert and fasted for forty days and forty nights. On the last day, as hungry as he was, the devil came and tempted Jesus.

Matthew 4:3-4 (Simplified Cowboy Version)

That old devil rode up and saw how hungry Jesus was. He told Jesus, “If you’re God’s boy, why don’t you just turn them rocks into some good sourdough biscuits and eat? There’s no reason to be so hungry.”

But Jesus replied, “Cowboys don’t live on biscuits alone, but on every word that comes out of God’s mouth.”

My great-grandmother never was hungry because she carried food with her every where she went. We must do the same thing with the Word of God.

It’s when we get real hungry that the devil will start tempting us, and unlike Jesus, most of us will fall for the temptation. If we don’t carry God’s Word around with us and “feed” on it regularly, we will become spiritually hungry and fall for all sorts of temptations.

You are never too busy in your day to take a moment and give thanks to God, ask for guidance or wisdom, take a problem to him, or even just stop in and say hello. Try it today and be “full filled”.

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  • Lol! I love your stories man they’re just some of the best. The passage from Luke is actually one that I’ve started taking a long look at and really studying but at the end of the day that passage gives me heart because if the word was how Jesus beat down the devil then that’s how the rest of us are going to be able to do the same.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Sage…This passage really hits home for me too. I often find myself in knots and kinks and can’t figure out why. Most of the time is because I have neglected what means the most.

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