Success Really Ain’t That Hard

by Kevin on April 30, 2010

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it is to be successful. At different times in my life, my definition of success has changed dramatically.

If you think about what the world thinks is successful, you probably think about things like: money, fame, popularity, fancy houses, lots of friends, fancy trucks, horse trailers with living quarters, automatic head horses, and so on and so forth.

I’m gonna bet that more than a few of you readin’ this ain’t quite this shallow. Take a look again at that list and notice that with enough money, you can buy all of those things. Maybe you have a little more mature version of what success is.

Sometimes, success has to achieved with a lot of help from talent. Take Ty Murray for example. No amount of money in the world will win you an all-around title in the NFR. It might make it a little easier when you’re travelin’, but all in all, his success required a lot of talent.

At some point in all our lives, we have looked at guys like Ty Murray or maybe women like Taylor Swift and thought life just wasn’t fair (go here to see how this type of thinking will affect you). Why do they get mega helpings of talent and success while all the rest of us are slavin’ away in mediocrity?

Before you go to bawlin’ and squawlin’ about how you’re life has not turned out like you thought it would, let me try to explain to you that we can all be successful. But first, we have to figure out what success is not.

Success has nothin’ to do with:

  • Money
  • Fame
  • Outstandin’ Talent

Everyone, I mean everyone, has been given talents (Matthew 25:14-28). We all have one or maybe even a few. But even talent alone cannot guarantee that you will be successful.

Most people never even get the opportunity to use their talents. Why? Because talent alone will not ensure success. Most people either waste their talents by wishing they had different ones or they are just too lazy (or too busy).

Saddle up with me as we look at three things that will keep you from bein’ successful. The best part about these three things is that there is “No Talent Required”.

1. Effort

This is the number one killer of success in our lives. We know what we like to do (this is how God sometimes shows us what are talents are), but we just don’t shell out the effort to get ’em done. Ty Murray has experienced extreme success through an extreme talent, but all of that would have been wasted if he had not put out the effort.

2. Patience

Very few people that I know of became an instant success. Winnin’ the lottery doesn’t make you successful, it just proves you are lucky. We live in an instant gratification world. You can take that annoying commercial and change the word “money” to “life” and it sure fits most folks today. “It’s my life and I want it now!!” In order to achieve real success, you have to learn the “P” word.

3. No Destination

Successful people never have a destination in mind when they start. Sure, they set goals for themselves and that’s smart. But you will never be successful if you set limits on yourself and what you want to accomplish. I pulled up at the church one morning and found a man campin’ outside. He had a little red wagon and told me that he was pullin’ this wagon from Wisconsin to Roswell, New Mexico. I had to ask him, “Why?” He smiled, obviously he had heard that question before. “Just to say I walked a thousand miles” is what he told me. I offered to give him a ride down 285 on my way home, but he politely refused. He told me, “It’s not about getting to Roswell quicker. It’s about the journey.” You can read the rest of his story by clickin’ here. Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Are you successful?

I do not brag or boast when I make this statement. I am an overwhelmin’ success. It definitely doesn’t mean I have money or fame and not because other people think I am. Here is why I think I am successful and how you can be too.

I have taken the talents, few though they are, and used them the best way I know how. NOT for myself, but in service of God.

The result of this is what I believe everyone is searchin’ for–happiness. This is the key that many of you will read, but few will actually put into practice. You might agree with it, but agreein’ don’t make it so. The key to happiness and success is usin’ what God gave you for him.

Do you want a life of happiness? You can start with givin’ you’re life to Jesus. You can do this by going to the “Roamin’ Trail“.

Remember, real success requires effort, patience, and no destination. Start your journey today.

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