Tall Boots – Cowboy Poetry

by Kevin on August 9, 2011

I wear tall boots and I wear’em for a reason,

Some folks might think it depends on the season,

But it’s got nothin’ to do with that at all……

See, I wear’em year round-winter thru fall,

Not to stick out like some kind of sore thumb,

Or to make a fashion statement-to that I am numb,

Used to be cowboys dressed like cowboys,

But now the world’s filled with noise,

That says “The cowboy’s dead and so are his morals”,

But I don’t rest on the this world’s laurel’s,

See, I am a cowboy and of that I am proud,

And I’ve never been one to follow the crowd,

These days some cowboys wear ballcaps and shoes,

And to each their own-but it gives me the blues,

To see a feller dressed like he’s gonna play ball,

Or like he’s goin’ to work at the mall,

Instead of what he’s always strived to be-

A cowboy-thru and thru…..

See when I wear these boots,

They might get a few looks,

But they also tend to start conversations……

And if someone talks to me,

‘Cause of the boots on my feet,

I can share with them I’m a Christian….

And that throws’em off guard,

‘Cause I look like some pard,

Who’s run wild and hard all his life……….

But it’s then that I tell’em,

‘Bout a guy I’ve been knowin’,

For goin’ on ‘bout 7 years now…….

I tell’em, “This guy, He saved my soul,

And for that He paid a mighty big toll,

That no man should ever have to pay….

He gave his life for me,

By bein’ nailed to a tree,

And he did it for you too, friend…….

He loves me so much,

That he took away my crutch,

Of carin’ ‘bout what other people think,”

I like tall boots so I wear’em,

And if folks go to starin’,

They just might get a fist full of Jesus…

I dress like I do,

‘Cause I don’t like ballcaps, baggy pants and shoes,

And if you do that’s fine,

But let me remind,

You that Jesus don’t care either way….

Whether big hat, moustache and boots,

Ballcaps and shoes or heck even suits,

What matters is that you live your life for Him….

I said I wear tall boots for a real good reason,

And I do…’cause I know the God I believe in,

Don’t care what’s on my feet………

And since He don’t care,

 If you wanna stare,

Go ahead-makes no difference to me……..

‘Cause God don’t care and neither should you,

And I hope someday you meet Him,

 ‘Cause you’ve paid your dues,

By giving your life over to Him,

And when you do meet’em,

Though the thought may be fleeting,

Thru your mind this one thought may peruse,

“I’m so glad I’m here,

I hope I don’t stare,

‘Cause God’s wearin’ tall boots……and not shoes.”

©Jake Hershey

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  • Joe Ray Snow

    I have not gotten any new EMails for the last week. Just wondering if you are still in business. I checked the WEB and it seems as if there are not any new ones.

    Are you OK?

    • Kevin

      Well, there are now two!!

      Thanks for checking on my Joe. Went camping with the family last week and I’ve had a busy start to the week with school coming up for the kids.

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