by Kevin on December 22, 2011

Words are hard to come by,

And appreciation is hard to express.

Before the Cowboy Church in Mexia,

This cowboy’s life was a mess.

 When my wife and got married, we couldn’t find a church of our own.

So we didn’t go anywhere on Sundays, we just stayed home.

This didn’t really bother us all that bad.

We always knew one or two to go to, when times got pretty sad.

The churches we grew up in just weren’t our type.

When we went to one or the other, they didn’t make us feel just right.

We just found reasons, one after another,

We’ll just stay at home, and not even bother.

Until one day, when some friends of ours made a call,

To see if we wanted to go to a Church, down in the old strip mall.

She said it was a cowboy church and some friend of theirs had went.

They said it was the best Sunday hour, that they had ever spent.

So we agreed to go, not knowing what to expect.

Snake handlers is what I thought, with me being a skeptic.

I believe we walked in, a little late as usual,

And it didn’t seem to bother no one, I thought that was a little unusual.

My family and I just stood in the back.

Then all of a sudden, they all broke for a little snack.

For coffee and donuts, to shake hands and mingle,

Everyone said high to everyone, married couples and even singles.

They had a little more music and the singer was pretty good.

It sounded like cowboy, the way I think church music should.

The music was different than Churches before,

It didn’t make me sad or sound like sissy galore.

I made a new friend from a word in the song.

We just seem to click, as the music played along

It was like we were brothers, that we didn’t know we had.

And when he turned out to be the preacher, I thought this can’t be all that bad.

I don’t remember the sermon, but I was paying attention.

‘Cept I was looking for a reason not to come back, but there wasn’t one I can mention.

I have known God since I was twelve or so,

But in my life, our relationship didn’t show.

So Sunday after Sunday, I brought the family back to gather.

And from sermon to sermon, God and I started to lather.

And I learned through ropin’ practice, and the ranch rodeo team,

Church didn’t have to be sissy like, as it had always seemed.

My family and I are happier than we could ever dream.

One family under God, sure makes a great team.

So to the ones that have helped me, get my ducks all in row.

Thanks, God Bless, and my appreciation I want to show.

And to those and more, others that are new to our ranch,

Lets continue to help others, and show them the “how to” dance.

All rights reserved 2011 Athen Allee

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  • Kristin

    Love it. Yeah I have been listening to all your past sermons on Sundays as my church. I am in the same boat the church I grew up just isn’t my type. If nearest cowboy church wasn’t four hours away in Nashville TN I would go there on Sundays. I visit any time I am in Nashville and feel right at home with them. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year

  • Cute poem 🙂 🙂 My dad and I had to go a couple towns over to find a decent church to attend. God is good and provided what we needed 🙂 🙂 Happy CHRISTmas to you and your family. Greetings from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  • Merry Christmas, Kevin, to you and all of your family. Christ’s abundant blessings in this New Year.

  • Don Coyote

    Merry Christmas hand, to you, the family and the folks back home.

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