The 1600 Mile Cowboy Baptism

by Kevin on June 23, 2011

Has anyone ever been to Pennsylvania? If you haven’t, let me transport you to a magical land far, far away. Go outside. Find a bush. Stick your head in it. That’s what Pennsylvania looks like.

Pennsylvania is the brushiest place I’ve ever seen. It’s one big bush with some roads through it. If someone finds a spot that’s not brushy, they put a house or a town right there.

I’m in Williamsport, Pennsylvania this week on business. A friend on Facebook found out that I was going to be here and asked if I would baptize him. I told him that my purpose in life was to baptize cowboys. Since he was the only one in Pennsylvania that I knew, I figured I could say I baptized every cowboy in the state.

That morning, I stood talking to some co-workers and I asked them if one of them had any waders. The store manager said that he did and asked what I needed them for. “I’ve got to baptize someone and then go have dinner,” I said.

“No, really. What do you need them for?” the store manager asked me again.

“I just told you.”

“You’re serious?!” He said as he looked at the rest of the guys standing around. They looked like they were either gonna laugh, run for the door screaming, or fall to their knees and beg forgiveness. Instead of those things, they just stood there and stared at me.

The store manager and I laughed about this at lunch. They all thought I was joking, but they were all very cool and interested in this cowboy that was gonna come all the way from Colorado and baptize someone in the river.

About this time, I ordered a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. That’s a rule that you have to abide by when you are in Pennsylvania. I think they can even write you a ticket if you don’t show proof of eating the state sandwich.

The waitress asked me if I wanted hot peppers on my sandwich. Now, where I’m from, peppers are all hot and you don’t have to throw in an adjective to describe them as such unless you talking about eating a habanero pepper filled with jalapeños.

“What kind of hot peppers?” I asked suspiciously.

“Banana peppers,” she answered.

I think my laughter was a little offensive.

Kyle and I started talking about the differences between Texas and Pennsylvania. He really didn’t know until recently that people actually wore cowboy hats. He thought they were only worn in movies and commercials as decorations.

I also received the most disturbing news in the fact that there are no Mexican food restaurants or BBQ joints. Makes you wonder what these poor people live on. They look healthy enough, but there has to be some FDA guidelines or something warning people that a BBQ deficiency can cause something bad to happen.

I think that’s why there’s so many democrats here. There’s no BBQ or Mexican food. Political agendas aren’t the differences, food availability is. We might be able to solve all the worlds problems with some good beef enchiladas and or some Bake’s BBQ from Wellington, KS.

But all in all, I learned that there’s a whole world of people out there that need to hear the message of Christ.

If people don’t know that cowboys wear hats, do they know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life?

Do they know the only way to happiness and a forever life is through Jesus?

Do they know that life with Christ will set your free from worry and anger?

Do they even know who Jesus Christ is?

We’ve still got a lot of pastures to ride amigos. Don’t give up spreadin’ the gospel and baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That is the Great Cow-mission!!

Here are some pictures of the baptism:


“No, Kevin, there aren’t any alligators.”






All for God



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  • Christi Bodwell

    Thank God for cowboys, now saddle up and ride for Him!

  • Candace Edwards

    That’s AWESOME Kevin!

  • Don Coyote

    I’ll pray, in Spanish, that somebody heads up there to ‘leviate the sorry dietary condition of those poor folks. Man can NOT live on Philly Cheese Steak Sammiches alone, but by every taco which proceedith from abuelita’s cocina.

    Hope I don’t git in trouble fer that.

    • The conditions made me feel so bad I drug out the Texas Smoker tonight and done up a few steaks, and had some left over nachos on the side. Can’t imagine life without….

      Good report Kevin!

      • Kevin

        Thank you for your support there Tom. I have had nothing but mexican food since I’ve been back and that ain’t been 24 hours at this time of writing.

    • Kevin

      One day I hope to partake from the abuelita’s cocina tamien!!!

  • Red

    Love it…..

  • Woo hoo!!!

  • Mary Prince

    Kevin this is just awesome. I thank God for you and my new brother in Christ that you baptized in a PA river.

  • Shirley Waldrop

    Kevin, you are an amazing guy, no wonder God picked you to work for him and help keep his wranglers in line . God Bless You!!

  • totally awesome and sorry I missed it! It was awesome meeting the both of you F2F 🙂

    • Kevin

      Same here “big” guy. lol

  • That’s awesome, Kevin!

    I gotta say, though, what’s up with the waders? You cowboys ain’t seen water in so long that you’re afraid of it? 😉

    • Beth

      Ya i was wonderin that too!!!! LOL

    • Kevin

      Ok, the waders was because I was going to eat afterwards with Keith (the cowboy baptized) and also Seiji (justapen). I didn’t take but one pair of boots to PA and didn’t want to be sitting in wet boots.

      And I ain’t a-scared of the water…just the fish in it.

  • Greg Box

    Great stuff – Amen Brother Kevin-Amen!

    All God’s Blessings To You And Your’s,


  • Beth

    Alright real Cowboy Kevin…..the yankee cant stay quiet.
    I must say B4 gettin started, I really enjoy HOW u write.
    You make everything so enjoyable to read. Miss your sermons so much and your family.
    Now lets see…. food actually can tast good without heat in it. Its called garlic. Everything doesnt have to be red w tomatos it can b white w creamsause. Bell peppers…..hello…..That was funny tho how she thought banana pprs were hot….and i know yr not used to water but…… seafood is real good!!!!!!! And my fav. sandwhich is Philly steak and SWISS cheese!!!!!!
    U can keep the tacos!!! lol
    By the way…I dont really care for PA either and Im a yank.
    So when u comin to green green green water water water Michigan??!! Summer please. Its so beautiful!
    Its called Trees, Woods, forest.
    A bush is what yall have on occation in west Texas.

    • Kevin


      You get me a talkin’ part up there and I’ll come!!

  • Melodie

    So is it a banana? Or a pepper?

    • Kevin


      • Don Coyote


        You know what would happen to me if I were ta tell the Gran Jefa ’bout such a thing as a “nanna pepper”? I had a hard nuff time with “cherry t’maters”.

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