The Best Cowboy Quotes and Pictures from June 2012

by Kevin on June 28, 2012

Some of these will make you laugh. Some will make you stop and think (some of you might be careful with those). And some might hit so close to home that you find them offensive. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy.

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I’d like to thank Rockin’ K Bar Photography for their use of some of the best ranch pictures to be found anywhere. As well as Lost on the Horizon Photography for Red’s eye for beauty seen through her camera lens.

Submit your original quote by leaving a comment and it may appear (with credit) in an upcoming picture. (By doing so you are allowing us full use…thanks for helping us spread the gospel.)

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  • Great pictures and quotes! I shared them with some friends too.
    Here’s a quote we say on the homestead …..
    “ya git what ya git, so don’t throw a fit”

    Appreciate all ya do here!

  • DrRitesh

    Eeee…..hwaaaa……awesome rides…;-)
    Really cool pic im gonna place its on my walls thnx a lot

  • David Acota

    Jesus like us was a Country boy, God Bless His Cowboys.

  • i like your pictures they have a good base and meaning to them. hope to see more.

  • I just love these pictures.I love anything that has to do with south western or the cowboy way.

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