Doin’ What Any Good Cowboy Does

by Kevin on May 26, 2011

There was once an old cowboy that lived on the far side of the farthest ranch. Boys grew up hearing of his skills and wisdom. Women talked quietly around each other about him. Men admired him. One day, a young man was riding fence and came upon this living legend.

“Mr., I have sure heard a lot about you!” the young cowpuncher exclaimed. “What are you doin’ on this side of the ranch? I heard you never left your canyons and your rives.”

“I’m out here doin’ what any good cowboy does–I’m ridin’ a bay horse.”

They talked a little longer, but the old cowboy didn’t say much. The young man did most of the talkin’.

As soon as he got home, the man traded his good sorrel horse for a decent bay. That old cowboy must’ve known something he didn’t.

Years later, the man ran into the cowboy legend at a windmill.

“What are you doin’ out here?” the man asked again.

“I’m out here doin’ what any good cowboy does–I’m ridin’ a gray horse.”

The man was confused now, but didn’t dare call the cowboy legend on his change of heart. As soon as he got home, he traded his good bay horse for a decent gray.

Years later, walkin’ out of church towards his dun horse, the cowpuncher noticed the cowboy legend once again. This time though, he was throwin’ a leg over a sorrel horse. He recognized the sorrel as the first horse he’d ever owned the day he first met the old cowboy.

“Hey, what’cha doin’ with my old horse?” the man called out.

The cowboy turned and said, “I’m doin’ what any good cowboy does–I’m ridin’ a sorrel horse.”

The cowpoke threw his hat down on the ground, his exasperation exceeding his caution. He said, “You told me that good cowboys ride bays, so I traded that horse off for a bay. Then you said that good cowboys ride grays, so I traded off the gray for a dun. Now you go and tell me that I had it right the first time!”

The cowboy sat there for a second and then said, “Son, Jesus healed the blind, but he did it in different ways. One guy he touched on the eyes to heal him. On another occasion he just told the man he was no longer blind and the man was able to see. One other time, he spat into the dirt and put it on the man’s eyes to heal him.”

The old cowboy patted the sorrel horse and finally said, “A good cowboy doesn’t care how Jesus takes care of them–he’s just grateful that he does.”

Photo by Jefferey K. Edwards

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  • Greg Box

    Amen Cowboy!

    Thanks again for another great one!

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