The Best Kept Secret – Your Pastor Is Human

by Kevin on May 11, 2010

I am very blessed in my life to have some wonderful friends. Not only are they my friends, their ranch neighbors ours. Not only are they my neighbors and friends, Logan is an Elder in the Church that I Pastor and his wife Shyann handles all of the church’s prayer requests and makes the bulletin every week.

Last week, these two people gave my wife and I a trip to Fort Davis to stay the night at a nice hotel and offered to keep the kids. They did this just to say thanks for all we do for them. Their heartfelt gift means more to me than they will ever know.

The article that follows was inspired by a very real video that shows the human nature of a Pastor as he goes to see a movie over the weekend. Thanks to Nolan Bobbitt for his video.

If you have a Pastor, and many of you readin’ this do, I know that you have probably done many of the things that I am going to list below. This isn’t for me that I write this, but for all the Pastors out there tryin’ their best to be the Godly Christians that Jesus wants them to be.

The Top 5 Myths about Pastors

  1. Every Pastor has a burning mesquite bush in his backyard – People expect Pastors to have every answer for every situation that has ever transpired. God speaks to us the same way He does to you. Sometimes His words are quiet and subtle and other times they don’t hear anything at all. If a Pastor readin’ this does have a burning bush, I would like to make an appointment. I have some questions.
  2. It’s easy to come up with a good sermon – They have thrown away more sermons than they have ever given. They pray every day that God will give them what He wants said at His service. They read the Bible daily, tryin’ to listen for the Word of God. They work all week on a sermon that they feel is relevant, engaging, and inspirational only to throw it away on Saturday night when God says, “That was pretty good. But I would rather you say……”.
  3. Pastors go to church every Sunday – They only go to church about two or three times a year. These are the rare occasions when they get to sit out with everyone else and hear the Word of God. Don’t get me wrong, they love preaching, but they love to hear what God is sayin’ to other people as much as they like to hear what He has to say to them.
  4. Pastors don’t ever consider playin’ hookie from church – How many times have you said, “I’m not going to church this morning. I have a lot going on and I’m just tired and need some rest.” Well crap!! Join the club. They’re at baseball, horse club, church meetings, softball practice, dance recitals, school functions, community functions, dysfunctional functions, and the list goes on. Contrary to popular belief, they have the same amount of stuff going on as you do.
  5. Pastors love to receive crosses and Bibles as gifts – At this rate, they are going to have to build a new house because every wall is covered with crosses. There are ornate crosses, simple crosses, wooden crosses, metal crosses, rustic crosses, contemporary crosses, big crosses, little crosses, those with Jesus, those without Jesus, and you know which one you gave your Pastor and you are gonna look for it when you go to their house! They have big Bibles, little Bibles, NIV, NLT, KJV, NKJV, Amplified, CEV, The Message, NRSV, NCV, and more commentaries and concordances than we could ever read. (Thank you Logan and Shyann for understandin’ this.)

Pastors are people and they are human. They sometimes say bad words when they hit their thumbs with the hammer. They sometimes slip and think something they shouldn’t think. Why God chose some of them is reason enough to believe that God has a sense of humor.

So the next time you see your Pastor, how about lookin’ past that smiling face and try to see the person inside. They have one of the hardest, most demanding, least appreciative jobs that was ever invented and they willingly perform their tasks, usually at the expense of their own families.

The best kept secret in the world? Your Pastor is human.

Give a shout out to your Pastor and tell him how much you appreciate them by leaving a comment.

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  • Red

    Thank you for sharing this – I think we often forget that our Pastors are men of God, not God in a man’s body. The Holy Spirit works through each and every one of you in your particular calling to speak to those who need to hear of His love, grace, and forgiveness. To know you are human means you have experienced, failed, lost, and often regretted decisions, just like the rest of us. Thank you for your humble service to your church, to God, and to helping each one of us strive to live for the Kingdom.

  • Love your myths, Kevin! I agree and identify with everyone of them! And as far as gifts to your pastor go, get him a nice gift card to a favorite restaurant or slide him some cash.

    • Kevin

      What if I “think” my favorite restaurant is in Hawaii? That’s a joke Pecos County Cowboy Church. It’s in Australia.

  • so easy to forget and put them up on a pedestal

  • I really appreciate this post. This should be mandatory reading for all church members.

    I think most people in the church have the best of intentions but they really just don’t understand the role and life of a pastor. It isn’t their fault they just don’t have anything to compare it to. It does require educating the masses. Thank you for helping to do that.

  • My dad was the pastor of a non-denominational church while I was growing up. Another myth people seem to believe? That pastors love in-fighting and petty grievances. They do not. It’s not part of the calling. Just throwing that out there! 🙂

  • In my real “growing-up” years in the faith (for me this was my mid twenties, oh so long ago!) I had an example of a pastor who was not afraid to be human. Sometimes his wife would say, “Tom, you are going to drive me crazy!” He would say, “Carol, that’s not a drive, it’s a short putt!”
    I spent many Sunday afternoons at his house. He was not perfect, but he was real. And he showed me what a man of God could be. How I miss him since he went to be with the Lord. I hope that I can be half as godly and human as he showed me a pastor can be.
    –Pastor Richard

  • Wouldn’t it be nice for pastors to get to stay home on Sundays sometimes? We should build that in. It’s normal for everyone to want that respite.

  • Off topic…

    what a delightful poem you left! 🙂

  • Wow… great post dude! The kicker for me was when you said, “Why God chose some of them is reason enough to believe that God has a sense of humor.” That statement really brought the whole concept home for me.

    I appreciate your willingness to be open and honest like this. I think that it is very counter-culture to highlight the things that make us human in a world that constantly strives for better and best.

  • This is a great, great post. As a worship/music director (I sometimes get called a “worship pastor”), I can resonate with a lot of these things. I would LOVE to be able to just come to church and be fed and not have to lead, but those days are so rare.

    I also work very closely with two pastors, and it’s not that often that people walk up to them and say “Thank you so much for everything you’re doing – I know it’s hard work, and we really appreciate it.” On the other hand, if the music’s just slightly too loud or they catch some rumor about a change in the youth ministry, you bet they’re going to hear about that.

    And #5….brilliant!

  • Carla Helms

    Thank you, Kevin!

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