The Day God’s Judgment Was Delivered By Two Catahoula Cow Dogs

by Kevin on December 15, 2011

The two Catahoula cow dogs rushed in furiously to clear the young bull out of his mesquite entrenchment. A bellerin’ and barkin’ explosion of noise and wood crackin’ told the story that our eyes could not see. It might as well have been a sci-fi movie fight scene between a genetically altered T-Rex and the Incredible Hulk with rabies.

This goes without saying, but if a bull ever runs out of mesquite bush thicket right at you while lookin’ over his shoulder at two Catahoula cow dogs, you best be moving.

I wheeled my horse around and was about to pour the iron to my F-15 quarter horse when my partner looked at me and said, “Just sit still.”

I didn’t want to sit still! I wanted to see this train wreck that was unfolding in the pasture and desperately desired to lay witness to this battle between brute force and cow dog perseverance. My friend dug in his shirt pocket to replenish the Copenhagen that had gone stale durin’ our hunt for the maverick bull.

“Come one,” I insisted. “We’re gonna miss all the fun.”

“Naw. They’re just wearin’ him out right now. One of ‘em will start barkin’ and send us the signal to come on in when they’ve got him.”

If disappointment were a bean soup, I stewed long enough to make a nun fart. Finally, in a totally different direction than I thought the fighters had gone, we heard barking.

My anticipation grew with the decibel level of the dog’s insistence as we rode closer and closer. The three combatants came into view through a gap in the mesquite as my friend said, “You are about to witness God’s judgment first hand.”

The mighty bull, who twenty minutes earlier was proud and strong, now sported cow dog jewelry. He was a wearin’ a Catahoula cow dog nose ring with one matchin’ earring. For the life of me I couldn’t tell which dog was barkin’, but that didn’t amaze me as much as how they managed to make such a commotion with a ton of bull in their mouth.

“How do you figure God’s judgment in two dogs and a humbled bull?” I asked.

“My Grandaddy used to quote a bible verse every time we rode up on a situation like this. It’s the only one I know by heart:

The swift will not escape,
the strong will not muster their strength,
and the warrior will not save his life.” –Amos 2:14

And the only thing I could say was, “Amen”.


Is there another lesson to be learned from this tale?

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  • Don Coyote

    Nun’s fart? Don’t bark with yer mouthful?

    Jokin’ aside, there’s lessons here in patience (your partners) wisdom (your partners) perseverance (the dawgs) . Also humility, (the bull’s) in not sportin’ his new jewelry like he’s somethin’ special.

    I’ve seen those dawg “nose-rings” in action, they’ll bring a 1800 pound bull to his knees every time. First he’s gotta make a “wave offerin'” but eventually he’ll come to his knees in prayer…

  • Seiji

    Lesson to be learned? How about “no amount of bull will save you when Gods after you” ?

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