The devil is waiting to ambush you and he’s carrying a 30-30.

by Kevin on September 23, 2010

When I was young, my dad used to take me deer hunting all the time. That was a time before ranchers could get 2.62789 million dollars from Houston lawyers to come shoot a deer. We would get up about 3 o’clock in the morning and make sure that it was 42 degrees below zero. We never went hunting unless it was so cold you could carry your rifle by just sticking the metal gun barrel up against your cheek and sticking it there like your tongue on a flag pole. I did this so I could carry a flashlight in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other hand while walking to the deer blind.

Now halfway to the deer blind, I would spill that cup of coffee all over my hand and the flashlight batteries would give out. The next 2 hours would be spent looking for a deer blind in pitch blackness. I would then give up and just sit down and try to unthaw the hand that had frozen solid by now because of the spilled coffee.

When the sun came up where I could see the blind, I would make my way towards it. I would try to be real quiet and creep up the ladder into the blind. When I would get up to the door, I would drop that no good flashlight and amazingly it would hit ever rung in that ladder on the way down. It would sound like the gong show all the way to the ground.

Shaking my head in frustration, I would open the door only to find a little tweety bird had made his home in my deer blind. The bird would decide to vacate the blind at mach 2 and do a fly by like Tom Cruise in Top Gun right by my left ear. Tweety birds at mach 2 will make you say bad words loudly at a time you should be saying nothing quietly.

As the door slammed behind me once I got in, I would have time to see that Boone & Crockett buck walk into the brush line before I could get the gun barrel unstuck from my face and loaded. I would then sit there in my misery and peel frostbite from the end of my nose. It really wasn’t frostbite, but the Weatherby males have a genetic abnormality that causes 2 gallons of snot to hang off the end of our noses when we get cold. My wife calls it “snoozle”.

About 10 o’clock a huge buck would come out of the brush to the feeder. I would take careful aim and shoot him. It would take about three tries because the first try I forgot to put the bolt down. The second try was because I forgot to load it and the third try would be the winning shot. Having braved the elements and overcome hardships of many shapes and gallons, I would then proceed to go check out my trophy.

The deer usually looked like the deer from the Open Season cartoon. It would be missing a horn on one side and have two points on the other.

From the deer’s perspective, he would just go get some breakfast and then get shot. I would be waiting to ambush him when he least expected it. If that deer had been paying attention that morning he probably could have easily avoided me because of all the noise I made.

The devil does that with us. He waits in ambush and as we stroll about not paying attention, he shoots us. He waits for the perfect opportunity to make bad things happen to us. That opportunity might be when everything is going great or everything is going as bad as it can get. Let’s look at the Gospel of Luke.

Luke 4:13

When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.

The devil is just waiting to ambush you. Today, keep an open eye and an open heart to God and you will be able to avoid that ambush. I guarantee you he is waiting. Are you ready? You can call on God to protect you and guide you through today. Just pray for guidance and safety and know that God is with you always.

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  • “your enemy the Devil prowls like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

    Your story took me back to junior high, when we would spend every Thanksgiving at my uncle’s ranch. There must be a pocket of abnormally cold air that follows hunters around. I have never been colder in Texas than when I was hunting. The last time, I was camping one Thanksgiving weekend, and a record-breaking ice storm rolled in. The first precipitation started as I was sitting on the edge of a field, waiting for deer. I sat there hoping it would go away, but finally, when I decided I was wet and cold enough, I wandered around trying to find a blind. By the time my buddy came to pick me up, there were icicles hanging off of the windows.

    Your story works on lots of different levels, especially regarding all of the noise. If we’re being alert, we can see the temptations coming, and make strategic choices to head them off. It’s when we drop our guard that we get lured in.

    Somehow, the feeder fits in with all of this. Before us humans moved in, the deer got their breakfasts and other meals by just looking around in the forests and fields, and they did just fine. Now we came along and put those feeders there, which made things easy on them, they got to eat a food that they wouldn’t normally come across, and we put that food there in order to make them fat and sassy. It also makes them easy targets.

    I feel like there’s an analogy there…

    This is good stuff, and these are needed reminders.

    • Kevin

      Hey!! You’re pretty good at tellin’ stories yourself. Awesome insight Chris.

  • I love your description here, but at the same time I think we need to remember that we can be woefully blind to signs around us. It isn’t so much that we aren’t paying attention as REFUSING to pay attention. I tend to think of my greatest weaknesses as alcoholism: you don’t send a recovering alcoholic to tend bar or pass out tracts in front of them. OF COURSE the devil was waiting for you in that bar, it’s your greatest weakness! I mean come on!

    • Kevin

      Most of the time hunters set up a deer feeder in front of the blind. The devil does the same thing with us. He doesn’t tempt us with the things that we don’t like, but uses our weaknesses against us. This is why the Bible says to flee from temptation. Great addition to this post!!

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  • A lot of good stuff in the posts and comments. I pray that we all remember that we are at war. There is an enemy that wants to destroy our lives and conquer our souls. I man/woman on the battlefield lives completely different than one who is not.

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