The Easiest Part of the Day

by Kevin on September 16, 2011

There was once a young cowboy who inherited a ranch. This ranch was not a large spread or even one that was desired by others. This cowboy tried his best to always do the right thing when others like him did the opposite. He knew he didn’t have much but with the Lord’s help he could be successful.

This cowboy got up every morning and prayed to God. He asked for the same thing over and over. He never gave up that God would give him what he asked for. He worked daylight until dark. He never worked all that hard, just steady. Oh, there were times when he was gathering his cattle or branding that the work sure took a toll on him just like anyone else, but he never complained. He worked hard six days a week and on the seventh day, he rested.

He never missed a Sunday morning service at the church he attended. That’s not always true, there were a couple of times when a mare was giving birth or the cattle happened to get out onto the road that he missed. He still had his Sunday morning service at his favorite church, but the only ones that attended those special services were him and God and a few animals. And he still prayed that same prayer every single morning.

People marveled at how this young man had turned this little ranch around. He got the same amount of rain as his neighbors did. The same storms that blew across his land blew across his friend’s lands. The cowboy had the same type of grass as everyone else. He ran the same beef cattle as nearly everyone in the county. He bought all of his horses from locals and then spent the time needed on each one. And he prayed that same prayer every single morning.

Folks starting wondering how this young buck was doing so well. Some said he was lucky. Others said he must have some inherited money to afford all those good horses and cows. People said he might be raising a cash crop that might not be legal. A few even said he might have made a pact with the devil. And he still prayed that same prayer every single morning.

The cowboy tried to tell people that it isn’t what you do that makes you successful. He tried to tell them it’s not what you say that makes the difference. He wanted them to know it’s not the kind of cattle or the color of your horse. It doesn’t matter how much it rains or how little.

You see, every morning this young man would get up and say the same little prayer. It wasn’t a prayer asking for relief from problems or material possessions. It wasn’t a prayer filled with 53 ½ “heavenly fathers” or long and drawn out. It was a simple prayer. He asked for one thing every single day.

Upon his knees every morning of all his life, the cowboy who was once young but is now old still prays his simple prayer. Only this time his grandson is kneeling there with him. As they bow there heads, the young boy says in his tiny voice, “Lord, today in everything that I do, let the reason be for you.” As the little boy helps his grandfather up he says, “Well Grandpa, the easy part is over.” The old man messes up the little cowpoke’s hair and says, “It sure is son. It sure is.”

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  • Ed

    That’s the most powerful prayer too. May it be the prayer we all pray.

  • Greg Box

    Wow – Talk About A GOD Wink!! Thanks Kevin For God’s Amazing Work Through Your Devotional!

    I would like to share a little poem that a family friend of our’s gave me after I heard him share it to a crowd of folks in his closing at a public speaking deal a while back, sure really touched me and made me think about it as I read your amazing devotional this morning.

    Poem Blessed – Given By Mr. Ronny Flowers (Whom I’m very honored to know he and his family!)

    Blessed is the man,
    Who starts each day with zest,
    Who gives the world his best,
    Who takes the time to play,
    Who takes the time to pray,
    Who sees the best in others,
    And treats all men as brothers.



  • Don Coyote

    Ya know, that is the easiest part of the day, both ends of it. Takin’ a knee when ya get up an’ one ‘fore ya turn in.

    What’s another thing of note here, is how when the Boss blesses ya for it, people are gonna talk. And what’s strange about the whole thing, ya give ’em witness they choose ta b’lieve otherwise. Only thing ya can do is pray fer ’em.

  • You made lots of good points about prayer here….

    Prayer is simple.
    Prayer is humble (not about me, but about God).
    Prayer doesn’t mean we just pray, sit back, and then God does all the work.
    Prayer is consistent, not just based on when we feel like it.
    Sometimes, even with prayer, we’ll have some problems.
    God’s answers don’t often come with fireworks and trumpets.

    …but this story makes those points so much better than a list.

    Thanks for the reminders.

    • Kevin

      I disagree Chris, your list was the icing on the cake that explained what I was trying to say. If someone needed a cowboy church sermon, everything they’d need would be this devotion and your explanation. Great insight amigo!

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