The Essence of Stupidity

by Kevin on November 29, 2011

The cowboys all shook their heads as once again, Stan stomped by mutterin’ under his breath. They all looked at each other with the unspoken question of how long he could keep this up.

In the two weeks since Stan had been double-crossed by a cowboy he thought was a friend, the dogs had even learned to keep out of kickin’ range.

Hooley came around the corner of the barn in time to see Stan jerk down hard on the reins of a young horse he was leadin’. Hooley felt like enough was enough and went to talk to him.

“How’re ya doin’ Stan?” Hooley said as he leaned on the fence.

“I’d be better if this stupid horse would act right and do what he’s a supposed to!”

“Why don’t you give that hoss a break for a minute and come help me look for something?”

“I’d be glad to give him a break…a permanent break…if he don’t straighten up,” Stan exclaimed.

As they walked, Hooley kept raisin’ his nose a little and smellin’ the air. He’d change direction from time to time and ignore Stan’s questions of what they were supposed to be lookin’ for. Finally, Hooley stopped near a chest-high cactus.

“I ain’t really lookin’ for somethin’ Stan. You are.”

“What do ya mean by that Hooley?”

Hooley smiled and then placed his hand on the cactus as if to lean on it like it was the barn wall.

“Good grief a mighty!!” Hooley yelled. “That dadgummed cactus just poked the tarnation right out of me!”

Stan looked at the needles stickin’ out of Hooley’s hand and asked, “Well, why on earth did ya put your hand right on it, ya blasted idiot?”

Hooley ignored the question and looked evilly at the cactus and then slapped it with his good hand.

“WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOIN’?” Stan cried out.

“I’m showin’ you what you needed to see,” Hooley said with a grimace.

“I needed to see you punch a cactus?”

Hooley looked up at his friend and said, “You needed to see what you’ve been doin’ to yourself, but you couldn’t. So I showed you.”

In a more somber tone Stan said, “You seem to have gone through great pains to make your point friend. What is it?”

Hooley smiled and said, “Bitterness is the essence of stupidity. It’s like slappin’ a cactus ’cause it poked you.”

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  • Don Coyote


    • Kevin

      Come back Shane!!!!

  • Well said! It would help a lot of us, if we thought about slapping a cactus before we opened our mouths!

    • Kevin

      No doubt about that Cory!! Thanks for stoppin’ by.

  • Well put 😉 🙂 It doesn’t do any good to hold on to bitterness or grudges. It reminds me of something another friend posted on his Facebook page, something to the effect of “Holding onto a grudge is like letting someone take up space, rent free, in your head” It doesn’t do any good.

    Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Greetings from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

    p.s. There are cowboys here..I’ve seen them…and farms right next to the ocean..oh and the best part, cows grazing on grass right next to the ocean cliffs 😉

    • Kevin

      That mental picture of the cows next to the cliff was awesome.

      He does own the cattle on a thousand hills!!

      • I am friends with your wife on Facebook. I’ll tag her in the photo, so that you can hopefully see one of the photos that I took of the cows near the ocean cliffs…I took about four photos. It’s really neat 🙂 🙂 They get al fresco ocean dining 🙂 🙂

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