The Key To Overcoming Being Abandoned

by Kevin on March 14, 2011

We looked like a redneck convoy. That’s how cowboys move isn’t it? Horse trailers that have been “thoroughly” cleaned and furniture that smells like a feedlot afterward is the way cowboys roll. But on this roll, I was abruptly abandoned by someone I took great pains to bring along.

This someone was a used tire on a used rim from the ranch. I searched everywhere for a rim that would fit my weldin’ trailer. You know the one that carried the welder, the air compressor, the couch, the freezer, and of course, the ridin’ lawn mower.

About a mile before the Oklahoma state line, this spare tire decided it didn’t want to go to Colorado after all. It didn’t care that I had searched the whole ranch for the only rim that would fit my trailer. It didn’t care that it was Saturday afternoon and by jumpin’ ship, it was gonna put me in a complete bind if I had a blow out. It didn’t even care that I was doin’ 70 mph. Or most importantly, that cars were in front of us and behind us.

This ungrateful spare tire gnawed through a brand new green Wal-Mart ratchet strap and jumped straight off the trailer. That first step was a doozy because it launched the tire about one hundred feet in the air. Cars swerved, brakes squealed, and a buzzard had to perform a top gun aerial manuever to avoid being hit by the surface to air Michelin missile.

I watched as it bounded like a gazelle into some tall, dead sunflowers and knee high grass. People were very helpful as they drove past me. They were all pointing up at that buzzard with their middle fingers. I was also grateful the buzzard was a good flier. People are so nice!

I turned around to go get the tire and the son-of-a-gun hid from me in that tall grass. I walked for over half an hour back and forth lookin’ for that no-account, double-crossin’ radial. Finally, I just left-without a spare, overloaded, and five hours to go.

I was worried the whole time. It was Saturday night by now and not only did I not have a spare, I didn’t have cell phone service. Finally, I just thought to myself, “God, send me an angel with some holy fix-a-flat and let me get to where you want me to be.”

I made it just fine. Once again, my worries were a vast misuse of my imagination. While I could have been thinkin’ about ways to reach the lost and hurting for Christ, I was worried about not havin’ a spare. I could have been thankful for the two good tires I had instead of worryin’ about the one that abandoned me like a yeller backed coyote.

God gets the credit, not me, for gettin’ us here to Colorado to start a new cowboy church. So the next time God calls you to do something, don’t worry about not havin’ a spare, you got God on yer side! Abandoned

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  • Judy Greenwood

    So glad that you and your convoy reached your new home safely, in spite of your onery welding trailer – what do you expect from a Texas Trailer – how will it cope with snow?!! I wish I could have been part of your long ride just to experiance the beauty of your new home. Since this is all God’s idea I am sure that he will bless you mightly. We in Texas will miss ya’ll a lot.
    Please keep my daughter Marcy in your prayers as she will have open heart surgery again (her 2nd in 10 months) tomorrow (Wed.). She is in good spirits and in execellent hands there in Lubbock so I am confident that all will go well. Our God is good. Love you guys, Judy

  • Terry Smith

    It’s funny how the things that abandon us are sometimes the things we put too much worth in in the first place, eh?

    • Ari-chan

      Amen to that.

    • Kevin

      That’s what I learned.

  • Tom Boyle

    Its funny how friendly people are when stuff comes out the pick up..Someone told me I was number one when the ladder( I forgot to bungee) came off the truck today. But amidst all of the number one fans of mine and a reference from one Guy about a Stupid Donkey ( I think he was trying to sell me). I was able to smile and wave.(not with a single finger or my fist) I even thanked God no body got hurt and then laughed at myself…(I do that a lot) I really am thankful God is working on this temper and pride. I have a way’s to go yet. But, progress brings perfection. Its neat to see Gods love winning out over Tom Boyles Ego today.

  • Mike McMurry

    Glad you made it. That friend I told you about made it back, too. Thanks for the prayers….maybe some day I’ll learn to let the Lord drive the bus! God Bless your new Cowboy Church…just don’t come back with a “western accent”
    Hasta luego,
    Uncle Mike

  • Bill Hall

    Kevin, as Always thanks for sharing with your wonderful wit & humor it is so amazing the lessons the lord gives us and the way He gives them! Had a few of these myself.
    Welcome to Colorado!

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