The Makenzie Miracle

by Kevin on June 8, 2011

I couldn’t write today because I knew that there was a 6 month old little girl going for her first chemotherapy treatment today. Her name is Makenzie and she has cancer behind her eyes. This little bit of Cowboy Poetry goes out to her and any other little boy or girl that is fighting.

Makenzie Forman

Bump in the Night

This ol’ world can seem scary, when things go bump in the night.

Or when you don’t feel good and things just don’t seem right.

You can’t tell us how you’re feelin’, no matter how hard you try.

But I’m tellin’ you certain, we understand your little cry.

If this thing was a critter, I’d sweep it outside with a broom.

Or if it was an outlaw, I’d meet him in the street at high noon.

I feel so helpless little one, because there’s nothin’ I can do.

I can’t whip it or rope it, but that’s hard to explain to you.

This trail might get a little rough, but try not to be afraid.

That bump in the night’s not scary, it’s me hitting my knees to pray.

Please pray for Makenzie and the miracle we know God will provide.

Take a minute and visit Makenzie’s website where you can see everything that’s going on, but more importantly, go by there and sign the guestbook so that the Forman family will know that you are praying for them.

Also check out Matt and Becky Forman’s ministry called Water 10:42. It is changing lives in Africa.

Let them know you believe in The Makenzie Miracle

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  • Red

    You always know how to let God say what needs to be said.

  • We have setup a donation fund for The Forman Family to help with expenses during this time. Please bless this family and donate what you can by clicking here:

    God Bless!

  • Memphis

    Thanx for sharing… prayers

  • Nico Francis

    Thanks for this alert! We are praying. The battle belongs to the LORD!

  • Greg Box

    Beautiful Makenzie and her family are in my prayers!

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