The Master’s Call – Part 2

by Kevin on January 20, 2011

How do you know if God is really calling you? How many feelings do you have to get? What kind of signs and wonders does God have to produce to get your attention? How big of a “but” can you come up with in order to get out of what he wants you to do? These questions and more were the first things I started thinking when I heard the Master’s Call.

If you missed Part 1, go check it out before proceeding down this trail. It might not make much sense if you don’t.

After a week of contemplating whether or not God was really talking to me about moving to Colorado, my wife and I decided to look at the local real estate market. This was the first time I started making excuses to God about why I couldn’t go to Colorado.

The Moses Mosey

When God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, the first thing he started doin’ was comin’ up with excuses. There were five in all:

  1. You’re asking me? (Exodus 3:11)
  2. What if I mess it up? (Exodus 3:13)
  3. What if they think I’m stupid? (Exodus 4:1)
  4. I’m nothing special, I can’t even talk very good. (Exodus 4:10)
  5. Thanks anyway, but I think you need to go find someone else. (Exodus 4:13)

I think I went through every one of these about four or five times.

The question of where we would live just kept creeping up in my mind time after time. When we looked on the internet at a similar house and acreage that we have now, it was nearly $300,000. I just knew I had backed God into a corner that would take a miracle to get him out. That is, until I got a phone call two days later.

The Dream House

Tom called me a couple of days later and asked if we were still considering moving to Colorado. I told him that we were still praying about it, but I just didn’t see any way that we could afford any property up there. I wasn’t keen on the idea of living in an apartment and I was positive that any apartment complex would frown upon a catahoula, a blue-heeler, a black mouth cur dog, and a miniature Australian shepherd dog living there on the balcony. Not too mention the horses in the living room.

Tom laughed and said that he had something I might be interested in. Seems that a friend of his from Montana had recently purchased a small ranch about ten miles from Elizabeth. This ranch had a four bedroom, two-story house with hardwood floors, a barn, and a bunkhouse. His friend wanted a cowboy, preferably a family man, to live in the house and look over his property.

All of this would be available real soon and the rent would be about the same as what I was paying now for my house.

I shook my head in disbelief and God just laughed. I really think I heard him this time.

Running From God

Have you seen the movies where the person is being chased? The runner runs as fast as they can and they throw trash cans, bar stools, cats, and even other people in front of the person that is chasing them. This is what I was doing with God. No matter what obstacle I threw in front of him, he calmly moved it aside and kept calling and coming for me.

I think we all do this. We hear God calling and we turn around and run as fast as we can. I finally resigned myself to the fact that God WAS calling me and hadn’t accidentally dialed the wrong number.

We decided to make a trip to Colorado to look at this house. We weren’t giving in just yet, but we were willing to play along. Little did I know, there would be many more surprises before we even got there.

Before I finish, I’ve gotΒ  a question for you.

Is this story, especially the running part, starting to sound like something you are going through?

(Yeah, I thought so.)

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  • Red

    It amazes how parallel (excuse any typos, I’m on the Crackberry typing with two thumbs)…out lives run. I have been running so hard that I am out of places to hide. Out of excuses, and out of time. God really does have a sense of humor and I am just grateful that He is more gracious in allowing us to make excuses for not fulfilling our God given destiny than I am with the kids about not taking the trash out.

    I can’t wait to see how you are going to be blessed by things you cannot even imagine yet. And I can’t wait for you to meet my uncle. I think you two could learn a lot from one another.

    • Kevin

      I guess what I should have said was that I was running around in circles. I don’t think God chases us, he just stands there and keeps calling. We have two choices and only one of ’em is right.

  • Yeah…God is providing for housing and removing ever barrier you ‘ve tried to put up πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ That’s so wonderful…a house with room for all the creatures…human and animal πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Greetings from Oregon, Heather πŸ™‚

    • Kevin

      I don’t know why I am surprised that God would give me a place to live. He’s the same God that parted the Red Sea.

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  • Steve

    I know how you feel use to just show up to church and leave just filling a seat at church. The lord used kids to get me going where he is taking me by getting me getting me to step out of my comfort zone helping with the youth ranch rodeo and doing devotionals and now being the team leader of the arena team.

    • Kevin

      Amen Steve!!!! By chance is God calling you to Colorado too? Just kidding. God bless you for heeding the Master’s Call in your life.

  • Steve

    No I think Colorado is to cold for this skinny Texas boy. I’m about as far from West Texas as I want to get for the rest of my life. If I could get the wife out there I would probably be moving home.

  • Amy

    I am simply in AWE….. And am blessed by your sharing this.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Amy. I’m just praying that this will open people’s eyes to the fact that God does still speak to us today and He is speaking to each of us.

  • I’ve had many a Jonah moment Kevin, but He’s always got the whale ready! πŸ™‚ Love your blog – because of your relationship with Him. So real.

    • Kevin

      This might be one of the first times He didn’t have to send the whale after me. lol

  • Ed

    Can hardly wait to read parts 3 & 4. Wish I was moving to Colorado. Grew up in Colorado Springs and really miss the mountains. But God has me pastoring in Indiana close to my grandson.

    • Kevin

      Well, if you ever make it back to Colorado Springs, be sure and get in touch with me Ed. We’ll have you out to the ranch for a steak.

  • Darby Sorrell

    God’s work is never done. His need for us in unexpected places we would never think of shows true more than most come to realize. I wish you the best and god is by your side walking you thru every step of the way on your new journey. obvious as the nose on your face. I have found another cowboy church here south of san antonio called Brush Country Cowboy Church. I attend when i am not at work on the rig. I do enjoy your devotionals when out here on rig in middle of field of nowhere land.
    The pastor is great guy and gets your attention well and reminds me of you in ways.

    • Kevin

      I’m glad you found one Darby! Hang in there and keep readin’ and commenting on these posts. It’s a way to keep in touch when we are far away.

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