The Master’s Call – Part 3

by Kevin on January 24, 2011

How do we have the guts to trust God? Maybe we have heard him, but how do we know He’s gonna come through? Nobody is that nervous when a stranger climbs on a bull at the rodeo, but what happens when God calls you to climb on? I went through this and God used a twenty-something year old stranger to show me that God will take care of me and the family no matter where you go.

If you’ve missed Part 1 and Part 2, please read them before continuing. This won’t make much sense if you don’t.

The Midnight Express to Midland

Most of you have probably already read my post entitled “Introducing My Friend – Barry Ward” where I explained that his daughter was broke down in Fort Stockton while trying to get to the Midland airport to fly home for Christmas. Barry and his wife Victoria called me out of the blue one night and I learned that they lived just south of Elizabeth, Colorado. But this isn’t about Barry or Victoria, it’s about their daughter Sierra.

Sierra Ward relayed the following story to my wife and I on our drive to the airport.

Before I graduated from High School, I applied to be a nanny overseas. I didn’t really say anything to my mom or dad because I knew they probably wouldn’t go for it. I really wasn’t sure the agency would hire someone like me. I was young and didn’t speak any foreign language, but I got an acceptance letter in the mail.

Two weeks after graduation, I put my passport on my dad’s breakfast plate before he came in to eat. When he sat down, he opened the passport and looked at me. “Where do you think you’re going young lady?” my father asked me.

“Germany,” I said.

“Well, we’ll probably have to talk about this,” Dad said in a loving, caring tone that he always used with his only daughter.

“Dad, I already have the plane tickets and I already have a job as a nanny in Germany. I didn’t say anything because I knew you would be worried about me. This is something that I’ve thought long and hard about and I want to go see the world.”

I could see the worry in his eyes and see the battle between keeping me safe and letting me do what I wanted. After a little while, he agreed – reluctantly.

I got off the plane in Germany. I walked out into the airport and saw a German couple holding a sign like you see in the movies that had my name on it.

They spoke no English and I spoke no German, but that didn’t last long. When you are fully immersed in a language, you would be surprised at how quickly you learn it.

I ended up being a nanny in Germany, Spain, France, and the Netherlands. I learned to speak all the languages and had some of the best times of my life traveling around and seeing new places.

God’s Protection and Guidance Doesn’t Stop at the County Line

Sierra’s testimony spoke volumes of how God will look after us. I was very worried about moving my family twelve hours away where we knew no one and would be so far from friends and family.

Yet, the courage of a young lady right out of high school told me that God even travels with you beyond the Pecos County line and the Texas border. I know that might seem a little odd to you die hard Texans, but it’s true.

If she could get on a plane and cross the ocean, live in a different country, in a house that didn’t even speak English, and God would look after her and protect her, then I could move my family to Colorado and be fine.

I wasn’t thinking any of this when I heard her story. We were still in the praying stage of the move. It wasn’t until after I had made my millionth excuse of why I shouldn’t move, that God spoke to me about what Sierra did.

Thank you Sierra for doing what you did! And Barry, if you wondered why your daughter ran off like that, it might have been so that a little girl could give advice for trusting in God to a tough cowboy – and to everyone reading this that is going through the same thing right now.

Don’t worry, God’s got your back.

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  • Don Coyote

    Yeah, God even lives in the Amazon. Found that out a while back.

    Got some mighty fine folks servin’ Him there, too…

    Also, a lotta grass and some fat cows…

  • Becky B.

    Great story and message behind it. This could really speak to a lot of people.

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  • Greg Box

    Congratulations to you and your family on an amazing God Calling Opportunity! Wow God Is Good All The Time!

    I hope that you continue your Campfire Cowboy Ministries going from Colorado. I wish all God’s Blessings To You And Your Family!

    Greg Box
    Midland, Texas

    • Kevin

      Hey Greg, thanks for the blessing. Campfire Cowboy Ministries will continue as usual. There may be a few delays here and there until we get internet hooked up and such, but it will still be burning bright when we get to Colorado.

  • When I read about Sierra going to be a nanny in Germany, my ears perked up. I was 20 years old when I moved to Germany for the first time. I ended up living there for three years and in Norway for one year..but I digress a little here. The point being, I was her age, leaving home for the first time and the country, too. However, when God wants you to go somewhere, He WILL provide the means, the way, the support system… Pastor Chuck Smith often says “Where God guides, God provides” So it’s neat to see how God uses the most unexpected people to encourage us in the decisions we make as we follow Him πŸ™‚ Greetings from Oregon, Heather πŸ™‚

    • Kevin

      I think I’d like Pastor Chuck. Sounds like my kind of preacher.

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