The Master’s Call – Part 4

by Kevin on January 25, 2011

Is there a such thing as coincidence? Where God is concerned, a coincidence is just a God connection. Read below to see how many connections God has used since we accepted the Master’s Call to Colorado.

Please check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 before continuing. All of this might not make much sense if you don’t.

One Degree of Separation

There is a pop culture theory that everyone on the planet is connected by six people. In other words, you know someone that knows someone that knows someone…you get the point. I don’t know if this is true or not and I don’t really care, but the fact that Elizabeth has a population of less than 5,000 (although I’m sure it’s more than that now) and I know so many people and so many connections through friends is astounding.

There is only one degree of separation where God is concerned.

Guy Vernon

Guy is a horse trainer that we met on our trip up there in December. Upon visiting with him, we found out that his sister lives in Monahans, Texas. I asked Guy what his sister did for a living and he told me that she works in Grandfalls, Texas as a teacher. My wife used to be a Special Education Aid in Grandfalls. When we asked what his sister’s name was, my wife was shocked. Seems Amy (Guy’s sister) had been a friend of Christie’s and had even given us clothes one time for our daughter. Grandfalls and Monahans are both about thirty miles from our ranch.

Barry Ward

You’ve already read about how God led a couple to call me one night when their daughter was broke down. I don’t think it was a coincidence that they lived just south of Elizabeth, Colorado.

Michelle Farley

Michelle is a really great friend of mine that lives in the Dallas area. I didn’t know her until I started the website. She has guest posted her on Campfire Cowboy Ministries before. (Read her post here!) She is a fantastic photographer and I have used many of her pictures in my devotions. Anyway, I texted her to give her the news that we were moving to Colorado to start a Cowboy Church. She sent me a message back that said, “I hope it’s near Elizabeth! That’s where my family is from.”

Shyann Lair

Shyann and her husband Logan have been some of our closest friends since they moved out to Coyanosa. Their ranchito is about a mile from my house. Shyann used to live in Colorado and they still have friends that they went to church with that still live there. Do you want to guess where they live? Yup, Elizabeth.

Tom Boyle

This is the man that originally called me and told me that God had led him to me to help start and pastor a Cowboy Church in his hometown of Elizabeth. When we went and looked at the house up there, we realized that we had a friend in common. I used to practice bareback bronc riding at Charlie Thompson’s arena in Lubbock, Texas. Tom was the pick-up man for Charlie during the same time I was there. I don’t think he ever helped me off a horse though. I usually didn’t make it long enough for a pick-up man to get to me.

Jim Digby

One of the first people I “followed” when I got a Twitter account for Campfire Cowboy Ministries was a cowboy named Jim Digby. How I got to follow him I don’t know, but come to find out, you guessed it, he lives in the area. He doesn’t live in Elizabeth, but about eight miles east of there near a town called Kiowa. Jim is the real estate agent in town. Kiowa is a tiny town with less than 1,000 people. Imagine my surprise when I noticed Jim posting real estate listings near Kiowa. We’ve already spoke to him and we will  drop by and introduce ourselves when we get up there.

There are no strangers when you belong to the Body of Christ.

It continues to amaze me how many gates God is opening in the area. I know that God is going to open many more and He wants to do the same with you. When you give your life to God, there are no strangers between those that believe and trust in Him.

It’s not a small world, it’s a big God.

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  • RED

    As soon as y’all get moved out, I will formally introduce you to my aunt and uncle – until then, I’m sending them both an email so that they can be prepared to welcome you with open arms. Just so you know, my aunt is by marriage, and therefore, does not have a magic oven. But my uncle….woooaaaa buddy, can he cook. Our family settled the San Luis Valley across the mountain, and lived in Monte Vista for a couple hundred years. Kinda funny now that I think of it, they built the Episcopal Church in Monte Vista and here you are building one in Elizabeth. We actually still have a house in Monte and it is the best kept secret in Colorado. Hopefully, we can come up and visit and take y’all over to the sand dunes and all our other favorite places.

    But seriously, you and Christie are two of the most incredible people – and married people -I know. Your dedication not only to God’s will in your life, but to each other, your family, and to yourselves is humbling. Yes, God put a calling on your life, but it takes a special kind of man to answer it. To let go of everything he thought he knew, believed and experienced to allow God’s glory, grace and love to flow through everything he says and does…..I am proud to call you my friend and even more honored to call you my brother in Christ. I love you and Christie to the moon and back and cannot wait to read the next chapter.

    Blessings, love and buttermilk pie 😉

    • Kevin

      It’s a lot easier to follow Christ when you know you have the support and prayers of cowgirls like yourself. I’m humbled by your kind words and eager to saddle up on this new trail and find the lost.

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  • Bro, you are going to LOVE Colorado! Lots of cowboy influences, even in Denver. We spent three years in Steamboat Springs and going to the rodeo there was actually one of the annual highlights for me. In fact, if God would let my family find a church to pastor in the Denver area, we would make plans to move tomorrow (maybe mizweatherby could add that to her prayer list). Seriously, I am thrilled for you guys. Sorry not to comment more regularly. I still read every piece you publish and really appreciate you and your friendship!

  • Tom Boyle

    My God is a Faithful and Awesome God. We look forward to having Kevin , Christie and the Children. It is God’s will to have a Cowboy Church in Elbert County and I am excited about it. I am very excited how the Lord has brought all of this together and all I had to do was pray.

  • Eeek, squeals of delight. This is so awesome to see all these connections to Colorado that God has brought your way, even before you knew it. Once your family relocates, post something on your website. I have a few friends in Colorado myself. So if they’re in the area, they might come visit. Greetings from Oregon, Heather 🙂

    • Kevin

      This old campfire will keep going, even in the frigid north!!

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