The Poison Teat

by Kevin on October 12, 2011

“There are two types of people in this world,” Hooley said. “Those that love the sound of weanin’ calves and those that don’t understand it.”

Frank looked questioningly at his friend as they stood there lookin’ over the fence at all the bawlin’ calves. “I figured you was about to say, ‘Those that love it and those that hate it.'”

Hooley switched the toothpick from one side of his mouth to the other, not really using it, just chewin’ on it.

“I don’t think you can honestly hate somethin’ that’s necessary Frank. Sure, it gets on your nerves after a couple of days, but eventually them babies figure it out…and so did I. Difference is, I was a might bit older than they were when I was weaned.”

“What in tarnation are you talkin’ ’bout Hooley?”

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Hooley was silent for a moment and then pointed with his toothpick as he said, “Everythin’ them babies ever needed had come from their momma. They were dependent on her for nourishment, protection, and guidance. Now, we’re teachin’ them how to eat on their own and drink from a trough. We’re teachin’ them to depend on somethin’ besides their momma.”

Hooley continued, “I used to look for everything I needed from my own two hands or stuff this old sorry world could provide. Then, a feller introduced me to a man named Jesus and I started goin’ to church. I looked at that church like a weanin’ pen. I was learnin’ how to trust in God for things I used to depend on myself for. And I guarantee you what Frank, I bawled ten times worse when I was weaned off a sinful life than these calves will ever do.”

Hooley turned to Frank and patted him on the shoulder as he said, “This old world is a poisoned teat. Trouble is, it tastes real good until you’ve experienced real nourishment from living water.”

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  • Don Coyote


  • “And I guarantee you what Frank, I bawled ten times worse when I was weaned off a sinful life than these calves will ever do.”
    I did allot of hiding in the brush before they got me weaned! After bellering for a while I soon discovered that the stuff in the feed bunks was pretty good!

  • “This old world is a poisoned teat.” That is wisdom.

    • Kevin

      Thanks for stoppin’ in at the Campfire!!

  • Greg Box


  • Frank

    If everyone would just come to the weanin pen for the right reasons , they could learn from eachother. But there is a lot full that scoff at the ones who drink the most o that “liveing water”, and stand back and bawl.Thats causes srenkage , and it does no good at all for the Ranch Owner’s “Prophet” .

    • Kevin

      I understand you Frank. I have three thoughts on that:

      1. Weaning is only finished when we die.
      2. Some folks will bawl all the time.
      3. But, if they start bustin’ down the fence with their scoffin’ and takin’ others with them, then they need to be kicked out and taken to the sale barn like the bible says…(If they’re branded believers acting this way).

  • Frank

    Our mission statment at Cow Canp is “Gathering mavrics and makeing Top Hands”. We aint looking for someonelses bunch to push into ours, we want the wild ones that aint got no brand of someother out fit. Thems the ones The Big Boss has us looking for and most o the time easyest to tame. Ride for the Brand my Freind , I love it

    • Kevin

      Preach on amigo!! Ride them corners and headers and thanks for all y’all do.

  • Love this and so true! Keep on preachin’!

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