The Porch Miracle that Silenced Two Wives

by Kevin on September 7, 2011

One minute I’m working and the next minute I am standing perfectly still. You could nearly hear angels singing and even the two dogs had stopped to stare. After it was over, two women stood there staring at me in abject admiration. There probably isn’t 10 people in the world that can say they’ve had the same thing happen to them. Sit back, relax, and be amazed.

During my daughter’s first high school volleyball game, my wife and a friend decided that we would go over to their house. Christie (my wife) wanted to help Kristi (not my wife) paint her front porch. I thought that was a great idea until we got there and the women told Buddy and I that we had to scrape the porch before it was ready to paint.

They went in and drank tea while we tried to figure out how we’d gotten ourselves hooked into this.

Like any two good cowboys will do, we spent the first hour trying to figure out an easy way to scrape the old paint off the porch. We managed to get a chisel into the reciprocating saw and we tried that…for a few minutes. Now the porch has some very decorative grooves.

I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out if duct tape would hold a wire brush to that chisel we stuck down in the saw, but eventually decided that it probably wasn’t going to work.

Finally, we just started scraping and wire brushing. The music of womanly laughter drifted out from the screen door where Christie and Kristi laughed about kid stuff and the latest dumb stunt their husbands had pulled.

After what seemed like hours, the girls came out to see if it was their turn to paint. They wondered why we had only got two posts scraped in an hour and a half, and then decided that it was too late to start painting.

Buddy started cleaning up after he was tasked with starting the BBQ pit. He walked into the garage and I was standing on the porch, extolling the amount of hard work we had put in, while the girls folded their arms and shook their heads in mocking agreement. It was at this very moment, that God stepped in on my behalf…and it left the girls speechless…for about 3 seconds.

As I stood there defending myself, two bluebirds flew around the house at Mach 9 and one of them landed right on my cowboy hat and sat there.

Although it only sat there for a few seconds, it was enough to make my case. The look on those women’s faces was worth a million dollars.

When the bird flew off I said, “Did y’all hear that?”

“Hear what?” they asked.

“That voice from heaven! It said, ‘This is my cowboy, in whom I am well pleased…most of the time.’”

The rolling of the eyes was audible.

How many cowboys out there have ever had a bluebird land on their hat? I might be the only one!!

But seriously, you don’t have to have a bluebird land on your hat or hear a voice from heaven to know that God loves you.

Just look around you and look at the blessings that all of us have.

Just open the Bible and read how God sent his son to die for you so you could spend eternity in heaven.

Just appreciate the fact that you are reading this. There are people that won’t eat today, much less read a cowboy devotional on the internet.

Just look at the boots on your feet and the roof over your head.

God loves you…and you don’t have to have a bird land on you to know it.



P.S. I know you were wondering….and no, it didn’t poop on my hat.

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  • Thanks for making me smile as my day begins. 🙂

    • Kevin

      Your comment did the same for me ma’am.

  • Randy Williams

    This day, and every day that I get to read your awesome posts I am blessed. Thank you for revealing Gods word in a humorous as well as thought prevoking way. Continued blessings to you and your family..
    In Christ

    • Kevin

      Randy, I’m truly humbled. Thank you amigo. I know God’s doin’ great things in your life.

  • Mary Beth Garner

    This web-site and what you have written is the first topic of conversation for Sam and I when we get home from work everyday! One of us is asking…”Did you read Kevin’s post?”! It has become a huge blessing for us in our lives, marriage and ministry! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and doing what you have been called to do!!

    • Kevin

      Thank you Mary! I look forward to eternity with y’all….you’re gonna get sick of all these cowboy stories!!

  • Sam

    Psalm 124:7 “Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.”

    Ecclesiastes 10:20 ” … a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which has wings shall tell the matter.”

    Great post to start the day today!

    • Kevin

      Amen!!! Thanks Sam.
      Great verses.

  • Taylor

    lol…Good one!

    • Kevin

      Thanks Mrs. Hill!!!!

  • The key to life is understanding that the love of God has a name, and his name is Jesus- and he does love you all the time. The other key to life is knowing that all things are possible with duct tape. You just have to believe! Thanks for the great post, Kevin!

  • Don Coyote

    Now I’ve just recently heard that sound—the audible rolling of eyes.

    Great story hand, tell me did y’all ever get that porch painted? Only reason I ask is that I hate paintin’ worse than packin’ and movin’ and I ain’t yet figgered a way out yet, even usin’ duct tape in the process…

    • Kevin

      Pretty sure that porch is the same color God first made it.

      I told my wife when we first got married, “I’ll jump head first into the septic tank and not blink an eye….but I don’t paint.”

      • Don Coyote

        I have a theory that hands that were created to fit a rope absolutely will NOT fit a paint brush. And versa visa.

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