The Secret of Being Chosen By God

by Kevin on March 6, 2011

Rockin' K Bar Photography

The old rancher watched Dale saddle up his horse. This young man was fixin’ to ride in and pick out his first herd bull. The old cowboy was gettin’ out of  ranchin’ due to age and the rheumatism. He’d offered Dale one bull calf to start his herd.

Dale rode up to the gate and opened it from the saddle. This made the old rancher smile. Seems Dale had been raised the right way.

The old cowboy watched every move the young lad made. Dale sat in the saddle for a long time and just gauged each calf, tryin’ to look for the things that he thought would come about when they got older.

Finally, with just the liftin’ of the reins, the bay horse slowly started into the herd. Cattle went everywhere tryin’ to get out of the way of the horse and rider, but Dale’s eyes never left one particular bull calf standin’ about halfway towards the back.

The rancher watched as Dale made his way alongside the fence and got in behind the big calf. He expertly parted the mass of black calves and angled his prize towards the edge. Once he got him out, the calf was a little hesitant as to what was next, but with the patience of an old cowboy in a young cowboy’s body, Dale guided him toward the sortin’ gate.

Once the calf was in the pen, the old rancher asked, “Dale, knowin’ that you had your pick of any calf, why’d you pick that one?”

“Well,” Dale said, “as I watched them all, I noticed that this one was standin’ there lookin’ at me. He wasn’t bawlin’ for his mama or runnin’ around and slammin’ into the pen or anything. He just stood there with his head held high, not in an aggressive way, just in a confident manner. Even as I came in behind him, he never jumped around and tried to run. He just looked at me. Do you think I chose poorly?”

The old man chuckled, “Ain’t no such thing as choosin’ poorly son. I was a watchin’ and that same calf caught my eye too. Sure, there’s stockier calves in there, but I think you looked at more’n just outward appearance and I like that. It seemed like that calf knew what was a comin’.”

The rancher opened the gate to the trailer and helped Dale load the bull calf for his trip home. As the trailer gate closed, the rancher said, “The rest of this herd will end up on a BBQ before they know it. The only chance they had was you. He kinda seemed to know that. He never took his eyes of you and you didn’t let him down. Instead of goin’ to the feed lot where he’d get fatter and fatter on sweet feed until one day he’d be butchered, he’s gonna live out all of his days in green grass that stirrup high.”

‘Cause we know how much God loves all cowboys and that he has chosen you out of the herd, –1 Thessalonians 1:4 (SCVSimplified Cowboy Version)

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  • Ari-chan

    Thanks for sharing that :).

    • Kevin

      Thanks for readin’ it!!! God bless you.

  • Awesome post man. makes me think of the whole “for such a time as this.” Not only were we picked out of the herd, but we were selected for a specific purpose, a specific time, and a specific reason (on top of the fact that Jesus just loves us that much).

    • Kevin

      That exactly what I was thinking about. Dale was choosing a calf that would go on to do great things for him. But the best part is that God has chosen all of us already for greater things than this!!

  • Don Coyote

    My aspirations fer greatness amount ta wantin’ ta be found fit enough ta muck out the stall a His horse.

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