The Simple Reason You Are Not Doing That Thing You Want to Do

by Kevin on July 17, 2015

She came out of the chute like a popping balloon. Dirt, adrenaline, and noise filled the arena as I did what no other man had ever done before…let’s just forget the part about me screaming, “I’m not ready! I’m not ready!”

I entered up in the bareback event at my hometown rodeo. I did most of my rodeoing in college so a lot of these people had only heard stories of how “good” I was. Truth was, I stunk.

But this day, I drew a palomino mare who had never been covered. She was the perfect draw for me because I had never covered either.

All of my friends, coworkers, and more than a few cowgirls I would like to impress were sitting in the stands as I slid my rigging down just below the blonde mane of the girl that would try to kill me in a few minutes. I’m talking about the horse…

I had already prayed, puked, and peed just a little during my nervous wait as the Star Spangled Banner was finished. It was now or never.

I straddled the mare, hovering inches above her muscled topline as I waited on her flank strap to be belted on. I put my hand in the rigging and locked it down tight as the call for me to slide and ride was given.

All I could think of was the fact that I was not ready for this. What had I been thinking?!

About this time, a friend of mine jumped up on the chute and yelled at me, “YOU GONNA RIDE THIS THING AND MAKE HISTORY?!?!”

That got my blood to pumping and I looked at him and nodded my head as I said, “Hell yeah I am!”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the gate swing open. The chute men had mistaken my response to my friend as the go ahead to let this badger out of her cage.

As it swung open, my eyes popped wide and I yelled, “I’m not ready! I’m not ready!”

The chute boss laughed.

Like a man standing on the edge of the cliff knows that his balance has been lost and he is going over, I instinctually leaned back and placed my heels above the point of her shoulders as she exploded out of the chute.

I made it out of the chute and survived the first few jumps. I held on with every ounce of my being and maybe a little more. The power she had was unbelievable and I knew why she had never been covered. She bellowed like a minotaur out of a epic Greek poem and I felt like Clint Corey at the NFR…

…and looked like PeeWee Herman on a rank stick horse.

Truth be told, I dee’d up and rode her like a bull. There was no form. There was no sport. I was riding for my life and I just didn’t want to fall off in front of everyone.

Before I knew it, the buzzer sounded and I got off on the pick up man. I had done it! I had covered the unridden mare! I was king of the world. The crowd was going crazy and I grew three feet and a hundred pounds as I walked back to the chutes like it was a routine day at the office.

That’s when the announcer gave me my score…

“Put your hands together folks. You’ve witnessed greatness today. You’ll never see a better 41 point ride the rest of your lives.”

Waiting on “being ready” is merely postponing greatness.

What is that you want to do, but you’ve been waiting on the right moment, the right time, or the right money?

Here’s a hint: No one is ever ready.

You just have to do it. Whatever that thing is, just nod your head and go.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

© Kevin Weatherby, 2015

Special thanks to Hipshot Horsemanship for the use of their photo. Go like their page.


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