The Simple Truth About Heaven and Hell

by Kevin on February 14, 2012

There are so many different ideas about what a hand is. By hand, I mean cowboy.

Having lived in Texas most of my life, I had worked with guys that I consider good hands. Colorado is no different…there’s top hands here too.

But the differences in opinions on the subject are as varied as the methods.

Some people say that a hand has to be able to rope good. Other people could care less about the roping and it all depends on horsemanship. Still others might say it depends on how a cowboy handles cattle.

Then you’ve got your gung-ho guys that say a hand is anyone that can do all of that while a horse is pitching and chinnin’ the moon. These guys chew tobacco while eating steak and potatoes for every single meal. If they run out of Copenhagen, they will dip a lit cigarette just so they’ll have something to brag about.

Dependin’ on where you are, who you hang out with, and what your interest is will probably determine your opinions…and there’s a bunch of them opinions out there.

In the end, most of these methods lead to the same things, they just don’t take the same trails to get there. There’s a hundred thousand different ways of getting the same job accomplished in cowboying. But that ain’t the case when you’re talkin’ about heaven and hell.

There’s only one way into heaven and one way into hell….no if’s, no and’s, and no but’s.

You get to heaven only by faith in Jesus Christ.

There are no backdoors, winding trails, or alternate routes. You can’t get in on good merit because you held the door open for a lady at wal-mart. You can give 1,000,000 orphans a home and care for twice that amount of widows and it won’t mean squat when talkin’ about getting into heaven.

Heaven’s door is for only one type of person and it will say, “Only those who truly gave their lives to Jesus may enter through this door.”

There’s only one door that leads to hell. This door isn’t marked with sins such as: Adulterers, drunks, whores, smokers, gossipers, homosexuals, or box-o-brownies-a-day’ers.

Hell’s door is only for one type of person and it will say, “Only those who didn’t give their lives to Jesus may enter through this door.”

The legalistic folks are havin’ a conniption fit right now, but it’s the truth.

In the end, we will all go through one of these two doors. I think we’ll all be surprised at who actually ends up where, but there is a burning question that I’ve got to ask right now…

Will you be surprised?

Dave Wilson Photography (Flickr Creative Commons)

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  • God loved
    God gave
    we believe
    we recieve

    seems simple, doesn’t it?!?!

    • Kevin


  • We had this very discussion lat gathering.

    The sorting alley has one gate, either in or by.

    There is no other gate, no other alley, only the set wearing the brand goes in…..period.

    Not an easy story to tell, not a popular topic for discussion but important none the less.

  • Jake

    Not perfect, just forgiven.

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