The Worst Preacher’s Wife Ever

by Kevin on March 2, 2012

Many of you know her from her wildly successful Facebook Fanpage, The Worst Preacher’s Wife Ever, and even famous authors such as Frank Viola have commented on her blog, but I know her as my wife.

She is the strongest and most courageous woman I know. Mostly for reasons that only I know about. But I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Not only does she love me, but she saved my life.

And it’s life that I want to talk to you about today.

This time of year is hard for Christie. A couple of years ago, she lost her best friend to leukemia. You never know when it will strike and age doesn’t matter. Rhonda left behind a husband and two wonderful children.

Not too long ago, they had a bone marrow donor drive her in Kiowa, and in honor of Christie’s friend Rhonda, we signed up to be donors.

I am pleased to show you the video that she made and I want to say thanks to everyone that has supported her from Texas all the way Colorado.


If you’d like to be a bone marrow donor, just click the following link to or just google it and pick your own. There are several organizations.

What a better way to help someone that you don’t even know!

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  • Mary Prince

    So sweet!!! I am feeling some very sad emotions right now.. You helped me.. God bless you!!!

  • Kim Childs

    This was wonderful. You guys are true blessings. I lost mt best friend 3 years ago to Neumonia. I probably misspelled that but thats ok. I miss her everyday. I feel empty. God Bless Weatherby family.

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