Those that run off…

by Kevin on November 8, 2011

Hooley pushed the last of the cattle in the pens. It had been a long day of gathering and the cattle were thirsty. The windmill had broke down and there was no water in the pasture. As the last of cows and their calves were being loaded onto the trailer, one pair decided they weren’t going to leave.

The old cow and her big calf had circled the pen lookin’ for a way out. She constantly stayed in the corner and kicked at Hooley and Hank every time they tried to put more cattle in the trailer.

Finally, when they were the only ones left, she placed a foot on the second rail of the brown Priefert panel and launched herself out of the pen with her calf following through the opening she provided.

Hank cussed her and swung up into the saddle and jerked his rope down. Hooley followed quickly.

In a rush of poundin’ hooves, Hank yelled over to Hooley, “I’m goin’ rope her and choke her down till she dies!”

When they got to her, Hooley told Hank to turn her back towards the pen and to keep the rope in his hand.

By the time they got back to the pens, both bovines were slobbered up. As they shut the gate on ’em, Hooley said, “Just because she jumped out and runned off, doesn’t mean that we’re not gonna treat her with love and kindness. She don’t know no better and doesn’t realize we’re tryin’ to take care of her. Those are the ones that need our love the most. Not the easy ones. We’ve all run off at some point in our own lives.”

He (the High Priest) is able to deal gently with those who are ignorant and are going astray, since he himself is subject to weakness. Hebrews 5:2

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  • That’s so often our first reaction isn’t it? That they deserve punishment. Yet if we were in their shoes we would be asking for grace and love. Beautiful story Kevin. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kevin

      You are so right Amy! So often, we run from the very thing that can save us.

  • Ed

    The ones that run off are the ones that need our love the most and they’re the hardest ones to love sometimes.

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