Turning Your Butt Towards God

by Kevin on May 7, 2012

The colt licked his lips as he traveled the perimeter of the round pen. This was a sign that I was watching for. Now I had his attention and he was willing to listen, but that was short lived.

Ace, the old kid horse came walkin’ up for some water. Immediately, this colt forgot to pay attention to me and devoted all of his time and energy to Ace. He went so far as to turn his butt to me and we had several “lessons” in the past about the merits of that action.

I was patient though. The colt wasn’t trying to be bad and he didn’t turn his butt to me so that he could kick me, he just got sidetracked by someone that he felt was more important than I was.

I got his feet moving again and he was pretty wore out and uncomfortable from going around that round-pen so many times. It was his choice, not mine. As soon as he gave me all his attention, things got easier for him, but I kept him moving until that happened.

Does it feel like God has made things uncomfortable for you?

Most folks want all the benefits of a walk with God without having to keep their full attention on Him. They want Him to help, comfort, heal, guide, and ride with them, but they want it at their convenience.

Does your life seem to be going in circles? Maybe God is allowing it until your full focus comes back to Him instead of all the things going on around you.

Here are five ways to get your focus back on God without feeling like you’re attending seminary:

Make some good habits

Say a little prayer when you drink that first cup of coffee in the morning. There’s not much more you can do to jump start your day than pray first thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a “get down on your knees” prayer, just an honest one.

Look at something in your everyday life in a new way

I don’t care if it’s a tree, a horse, a mountain, or even the flowers along the side of the road, look at them and remember that God made them. God made everything and all of creation displays His power and majesty.

Try not to complain

The bible says that no cowboy can serve two masters. It was talking about God and money, but I think the same thing can apply to many other areas of our lives. It’s real hard to be thankful when you are doing nothing except belly achin’ about something or another. A lot of people are so used to complaining that they don’t even realize how much they do it.

Smile more often

When someone smiles at you, it’s God’s way of saying “I see you”. You can brighten the day of someone around you by simply smiling at them. Some of you may have to work on this because it’s been so long since you honestly smiled, you might look like the Joker off of Batman.

Just relax

Jesus says that he wants to free us from the burdens and struggles of this life. Sounds like an awesome idea doesn’t it? He promised to take care of us so why don’t we just let him. Now that doesn’t mean you get a full-time recliner job. It means to go out and work and do your best and let him worry about the rest.


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  • Stacey Bussard


    Mighty fine looking colt if I do say so myself, 🙂

    Another great article, I have already shared it with many and I am going to work on applying the 5 ways daily.

    I also ordered myself the Life Application Bible today, should have it Wednesday.

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Greg Box

    Good Morning Kevin,

    Thanks again for another of your wonderful messages, makes sense and chocked full of GOD’S WORD!

    Blessings Brother To You And Your Family Always,


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