Two Easy Ways to Get Rid of Complaining Forever

by Kevin on October 3, 2014

I rode up horseback into the mountains (Rocky Mountains) last week for the very first time. It was one of the most beautiful, and even dangerous, experiences of my life.

I will be the first to say that I wasn’t prepared. My pride kept me from calling folks who had the correct equipment and I know they would have let me borrow it…but alas, that is a lesson for another time.

We crossed the pass at Sheep Mountain in the Rawah Wilderness area west of Fort Collins and the wind was blowing about 50 mph. After 11 miles of climbing, the blowing wind, and the fact that I had tied a canvas bedroll behind the saddle with all my gear inside it, I was not Fiona’s (my horse) favorite at this point.

Now this is important because you must picture the bedroll coming up to the lower midpoint of my back (it was kind of tall with all that gear rolled up inside). Picking all the gear we needed for hammock camping was tough enough, but we found this website really helped us out.

When we came down out of the pass, into this little valley with three lakes, we scared up a bull moose standing with a cow and a calf. It was the first bull I’d seen in the wild and it was about 50 yards away.

But right before that, coming down a steep part of the pass, my saddle started to slide forward. I had not tightened it in about four hours and that is all my fault. Fiona is now wearing the saddle on her neck and I try to swing off to fix it right quick…

But my leg can’t make it over the bedroll at the angle of descent we are descending. The logical thing would have been to sit back down and swing my leg forward over the horn and hop off.

Since when did I ever do anything logical? Just ask The Worst Preacher’s Wife Ever.

So I just picked my leg up higher and my center of gravity became too great for the angle and I fell right off my horse and landed right on my bass.

No seriously…my fishing license in my back pocket has a picture of a bass on it.

I jumped up, hoping that Phil hadn’t seen my non-ninja dismount and my complaining commenced.

I was cold…Why didn’t my saddle stay put?…I can’t feel my feet…Why did I even want to do this %^*%$? (That’s not me cussing…It’s me mumbling because I am sucking my thumb in self-pity.)

When I got the saddle fixed, which wasn’t easy, and got back on and got into our camping site, that’s when the rain and wind started. Laying there in the tent, shivering and cold, reading a biography of Crazy Horse, I complained to God about my previous predicament.

He said, “Could you have fixed it?”

I said, “Maybe…”

He said, “Could you have given it to me?”

I said, “Absolutely…”

He said, “Then shut-up and quit complaining.”

I said, “Yes sir…”

And I finished the trip off in amazement and wonder at His creation.

©Kevin Weatherby

Do everything without grumbling or arguing… Philippans 2:14


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