Where have all the cowboys gone?

by Kevin on April 21, 2011

Slowly, but steadily, like water evaporating out of a trough that cannot be refilled, I see the loss of a great way of life. No longer do I see men and women walk with integrity. No longer is there a passion for justice and what is right. Gone, or pretty close to it, are the days when a word was better than a contract and a handshake was more binding than a signature. So the question must be asked, “Where have all the cowboys gone?”

One of the greatest cowboys that ever lived was actually a soldier in the army of King David. His name was Uriah. This man showed strength and character that is so lacking in today’s society.

King David (yeah, the one that God said was a man after his own heart) had seduced Uriah’s wife and got her pregnant. David tried to get Uriah off the battle field and into the bedroom so his mistake might be covered up.

But Uriah would have none of it . . . even when the King told him to go home.

Uriah wouldn’t go home because his commander and all his friends were still on the battlefield. He slept outside with the servants instead of inside with his wife out of respect for his friends. He wasn’t going to bask in luxury while they were basking in bloodshed.

David tried again, although this time he got Uriah slobberin’ drunk and then sent him to his house in hopes that he would climb in her bed.

But Uriah slept in the servant’s quarters instead. Yeah, good old Uriah went to the bunkhouse instead of the bedroom.

Where have all the cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that will literally slap you silly if you said even a hint of a cuss word around his wife…where have all these cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that feeds his horses and his dogs before he even thinks about feedin’ himself…where have all these cowboys gone.

I used to know a man (fictional character as he is) that took a dead body all the way across the country because he promised his friend he’d bury him where he wanted….where have all these cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that hugged his grown son and told him that he loved him…where have all these cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that refused to quit as long as one cowboy was still workin’….where have all these cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that lost a great job because he refused to lie in order cover up his boss’ mistake….where have all these cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that stood up for what he believed in….where have these cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that called Jesus his Lord and Savior and wasn’t ashamed of it….where have all these cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that didn’t need exercise after work, he needed rest….where have all these cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that didn’t ask if his neighbor needed help, he just showed up with his horse….where have all these cowboys gone?

I used to know a man that wouldn’t enjoy the finer things of life until his job was over….

2 Samuel 11:11

Uriah answered, “The sacred chest and the armies of Israel and Judah are camping out somewhere in the fields with our commander Joab and his officers and troops. Do you really think I would go home to eat and drink and sleep with my wife? I swear by your life that I would not!”

I used to know a man, and you did too….


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  • Don Coyote


  • Cowboys have disappeared along with commitment, consistency, and conviction. It’s a bad day for the letter “c”

    • Kevin

      That’s the title to you’re next blog post…you could do a lot with that amigo.

  • I agree wholeheartedly!! Iv’e thought about starting a t-shirt company to counter those horrid ‘girl-power’ shirts. “Real Men- hold doors open for women”. “Real Men- read their bibles”. “Real Men- don’t cuss”. “Real Men- keep promises”. “Real Men- don’t make promises that they can’t keep”. “Real Men- hug their and kiss their wife”. ‘Real Men are Real Men all the time, not when it suits them”. (Integrity, right?) You get the point. Keep it up, Cowboy! I love reading your messages!

  • Passing this one on to Matt. He’s the cowboy equine therapist at Aspen Ranch for really screwed up kids. It’s a good recitation for the kids trying to upgrade their creds to Wrangler, Rider, Rancher, etc.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Gary!! I’d love to hear more about this Aspen Ranch. I’m gonna go try to find them out there in the interweb.

  • Janice Randle

    And where did being Mr. Goodguy get Uriah? Bad example. The Cowboy’s may have all been killed on the front lines and all that are left are the Davids that are sleeping with other men’s wives.

    • Kevin

      I see your point Janice, but we can’t give up doing the right thing just because we may die for doing so…. David payed a pretty heavy price for that indiscretion.

      Great comment!!!

      • Avery Dyer

        In the words of one of my favorite westerns…” there’s things that eat at a man worse than dyin.”

    • Yeah but who are the other Cowboys who stood up for their beliefs and their convictions? Matthew Foxe wrote a book about all the martyrs who died in the reformation not to mention men like Stephen. And of course there’s always Christ as an example: He died for the church and is now watching as his church gets into bed with the world.

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